Creating an Atmosphere for Exam Success at Home

Creating an Atmosphere for Exam Success at Home

It’s all good and well telling a teenager to ‘go and get on’ with their revision, but creating an atmosphere and space for them to do so can be really important.


Consider your teen’s ‘working space.’ Have they got somewhere quiet in the house where they will be able to revise? Is it somewhere away from distraction (as much as possible?) It might be an idea to start thinking of space for your teen to revise.
They’ll need space to spread out books and notes. They might need a comfortable seat for long periods of sitting down.

Creating an Atmosphere for Exam SuccessMake your teen aware you’re starting to think about space for them: have they got a preference? A discussion like this will also show your teen that you are ready to support them through revision already: you never know, it might prompt and inspire your teen to get on with it, too!

  • Eliminating Distractions including the phone
  • Ensure adequate lighting.
  • Keep the area organised and tidy
  • Use the space only for studying
  • Add a clock or timer so sessions can be timed.

Some teens struggle to revise well at home if there is a lack of space, siblings running around, or lots of distractions. Our revision courses are, of course, open to all- but our provision often offers a sensible solution to study out of the home environment, especially if there isn’t much ‘study space’ at home. You may want to look into our revision courses and propose this as an idea to your teen. Many students jump at the chance to revise in a well-structured setting, being guided by an expert in their subjects.

Support back at home can often come in the form of ‘a listening ear.’ As a parent, simply listening to your child talk through their notes and information can be very beneficial. You’re probably also going to be at the brunt of some moaning, ranting and raving along the way too- and that’s ok!

It might also be good to see if your teen, at some point, would like a ‘study buddy-‘ a friend who could come over and revise with them. Some parents might shiver at the thought of letting their teen revise with friends, but peer to peer working can be effective if both students are willing to make it work. Often, working with peers allows teens to relay information to one another in their own words, on a relatable level. Additionally, students can share their strengths to help each other out.

Revision courses could also benefit as a way for your teen to meet like-minded peers. They might even meet a suitable ‘study buddy’ or two! Our courses run with a small group of students, which is an ideal platform to share ideas and bounce thoughts around in a friendly atmosphere. It can be motivating to work with others, rather than always alone.

As a final thought, it might be wise to think of yourself in your teen’s ‘shoes’ for a minute.

In what sort of atmosphere would you like to revise?

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