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It’s all foreign to me is never so true as when your child starts taking a foreign language, and yet in our increasingly international world speaking a second or third language is a skill that we really can’t afford to let our children miss out on. There are multiple reasons that a child might fall behind the rest of their class in learning Spanish, French, German or any of the languages offered by their school.

Afraid to speak out.
We often laugh at other people’s accents; many comedy shows are built with a character that misspeaks for humorous effect. Now imagine standing up in front of your peers, or even in a small group, and trying to pronounce words that you’ve only ever seen written down.

A tutor can take the time and give them the one to one attention to let them know they’re on the right track. Giving them the time to learn the correct way to say the words as well.

It’s not an easy topic.

Just like any topic languages can be difficult. Yet some schools lump languages in with other core topics and insist that students excel across the board. Yet unless you yourself are fluent in a second language it’s almost impossible for you to give them a helping hand. Time with a tutor can give them a chance to correct mistakes and practise speaking, listening and writing in a supportive atmosphere.

Different style of Learning

For a student with an aptitude for Maths and Science learning languages can be a serious barrier. For a teacher with a class of 30 students it’s unreasonable for them to be expected to be able to adjust their style of teaching to assist a small percentage of the class that is struggling with the very core nature of the subject. With tuition’s one to one nature this allows the tutor to adapt their style and start to reinforce learning in other ways.

The change in the National curriculum throughout the UK means that students are having to learn new topics and exams are being marked to a higher standards, Adding to the pressure students are being put under. The new National 5s were introduced in 2014, followed by the new Highers, and in 2015 the new Advanced Highers. This radical shake up to the National Curriculum and the British education system is one in a line of changes that has added pressure to students. Increasing the risk that a student may miss vital information and need a helping hand to catch up.


We can offer help in the subjects above at all levels with

  • National 4 & 5
  • Higher
  • Advanced Higher
French and Spanish tutors in Glasgow to help with foreign Language

We cover the following areas in Glasgow

  • Glasgow
  • Renfrewshre
  • Clarkston
  • Giffnock
  • Newton Mearns
  • Busby
  • Whitecragis
  • East Kilbride
  • Hyndland
  • East Kilbride
  • Bearsden
  • Jordanhill
  • Pollokshields
  • Pollokshaws
  • Glasgow West End, Glasgow South Side, Glasgow City Centre
  • and More


Some students may find it boring. It may be that they find it too easy, or that the topics presented are not catching their attention. A tutor can breathe life back into the topic, boost confidence and allow the students to start learning themselves, rather than someone just teaching at them.

Many other subjects can be dealt with by none specialist teachers, although every subject deserves specialist tuition, but none more than languages. These skills can unlock a whole world for your child, and broaden their horizons.

We are a Glasgow tutoring company based in Glasgow, we offer Spanish, French & German SQA teachers /  tutors in Whitecraigs, Giffnock, Newton Mearns, East Kilbride, Kelvinside, Bearsden, and many more locations across Glasgow we can offer tuition when you need it where you need it. Contact us now to book a sessions with one of our Spanish, French & German tutors.

WORDS From students and parents

  • The way we covered the whole course in a few days was helpful with the assistance of tutors / teachers.

    Logan Easter School 2015
  • I liked how the course was handled - we covered everything in-depth, but still at a quick pace.

    Lucy Easter School 2017
  • The approach used to tutor us with the use of PowerPoints was very useful. The questions and answers books are also good for revision

    Emilie Easter School 2017
  • I enjoyed the in-depth explanations of certain aspects of the course.

    Anjali Easter School
  • Very helpful, went over a lot of the course and quickly covered everything I was worried about, was asked what we wanted to go over and got to take home PowerPoint on USB.

    Zoe Easter School 2017

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