I don’t need a tutor whilst my child is in Primary School, do I?

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Primary school, a time for children to relax, have fun and be children. Learn the three R’s, how to do hopscotch, and make some of your best friends. Not be having to have additional tuition to reach targets, because younger children don’t care about that. Or do they?

Sadly, the media is filled with stories of children that are suffering from stress, and we don’t just mean feeling under a bit of pressure, we mean children showing symptoms of anxiety. From too many exams, to too much homework, and an ever increasing awareness that their education starts the day they walked into school. No longer can then coast along as children, the serious work has already started.

A tutor can be the life ring in the storm, often the smallest stumble at this level can leave them struggling to work out what comes next. Poor handwriting can mean they are hiding other problems behind illegible scrawls, failing to grasp the basics of maths means that the rest of the topic sounds like a foreign language, and in a world of text speak and internet shorthand is it any wonder some of our children are sitting in English class wondering if the teacher is talking about a science project.

Finding a tutor.
Tuition shouldn’t be a punishment, good tutors can put the life and the fun back into learning, and help students overcome hurdles and get them back on the right track. They may be able to leave work for the two of you to work through together, or if you feel that more homework may be too much, they will keep the work to within their session.

Before looking for a tutor sit down firstly with your child and have a conversation. Let them know they’re not in trouble, but that you want to get them some help, and ask them where they think they need help. For some students that will get you a shrug and a “Don’t know.” Others will be more open, they may have subjects they hate, or just don’t understand. It may also be an issue that they’ve been told about before. Often repeated to them in many ways.

If the problem is still not clear, then start a conversation with their teacher. That may be a simple email, a telephone conversation, or a sit down meeting. Ask them where they feel your child needs help, is it a particular subject, or a particular skill set?

Now start looking for a tutor. Choose a qualified teacher who works with primary school aged children, that may be a teacher who also tutors or a full time tutor. It’s not a legal requirement to have checks for a criminal record as a tutor, but it is best practise and no serious tutor will be without this simple piece of paper. TO make sure that all these checks are done and qualifications are verified it’s a good idea to go through a tuition agency. This way you can look for reviews and feedback from other parents.

Schedule an initial trial lesson, some agencies offer this for free, but paying for a single session will give you peace of mind. Don’t worry about asking too many questions, instead see how they interact with your child. A good tutor will leave room in the conversation for the student to speak, and will encourage them to learn, not be taught at. Above all else it should be interesting, and if possible fun.

Times to really think about a Tutor.

With many of the fee paying schools have rigorous entrance exams, and other high schools needing to see good primary school results before they reach high school. Consider a tutor in the run up to exams to help reduce your child’s stress and maximise their chances to fulfil their potential.

Grade Booster Tutoring are Glasgow based, we have tutor that cover Whitecraigs, Giffnock, Newton Mearns, East Kilbride, Kelvinside, Bearsden, Glagsow City centre plus many more location around glasgow we offer a local tutoring service of experienced primary teachers, to help your child.

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WORDS From students and parents

  • I have become more confident in my subject, thank to this week of extra work

    Amy Easter School 2015
  • The way we covered the whole course in a few days was helpful with the assistance of tutors / teachers.

    Logan Easter School 2015
  • Gave me motivation to study and helped get the majority of my revision done, the teachers were great and the location was really good.

    Hannah Easter School 2015

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