Do Revision Courses Help?

Do Revision Courses Help?

Do Revision Courses HelpAfter years of education exams are approaching, and even with those years of education some topics are still seemingly impossible. So how will a single day or weeks course actually help after all this time.

Working with a tutor in a small group can lead to amazing results. Some students able to move their grade from a predicted E through to an A grade with just a few sessions and some hard work on their part. From Easter revision sessions through to Grade Booster,

As well as working with an expert tutor studies have shown that students receiving feedback from multiple peers show great improvement.  What does this mean? That students working in groups, guided by a tutor, giving each other feedback can increase their grades over the space of a few days, or even hours.


The three objectives of Easter revision courses as defined by Alex Dyer writing in Huffington Post are:

Subject Revision that concentrates on the core features and key facts, patterns and principles of each subject and areas of particular difficulty, giving students renewed confidence and motivation.

Exam Technique to build the confidence of students so they can demonstrate to the examiner the knowledge and skills appropriate to their maximum potential grade. Interpretation of questions, essay writing and problem solving are just some of the areas covered, guiding students towards higher quality answers.

Exam Practice is important too. We must ensure students perform to their highest abilities under exam conditions. Their progress should be monitored closely as tutors assess each students’ strengths and weaknesses.


Why Easter?

Easter holidays fall just before May exams, but still leaves a few weeks for students to cement the knowledge in their memory. In effect they have time to relearn the topics that are embedded during these revision sessions.

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