Reviews from Students and Parents


  • The way we covered the whole course in a few days was helpful with the assistance of tutors / teachers.

    Logan Easter School 2015
  • I liked how the course was handled - we covered everything in-depth, but still at a quick pace.

    Lucy Easter School 2017
  • The approach used to tutor us with the use of PowerPoints was very useful. The questions and answers books are also good for revision

    Emilie Easter School 2017
  • I enjoyed the in-depth explanations of certain aspects of the course.

    Anjali Easter School
  • Very helpful, went over a lot of the course and quickly covered everything I was worried about, was asked what we wanted to go over and got to take home PowerPoint on USB.

    Zoe Easter School 2017
  • Very concise and concentrated learning. A good revision of everything. Also, small classes felt like there was more attention from the teacher.

    Isabella Easter School 2017
  • I love the way things were described (especially in Chemistry). The teachers were all enthusiastic about teaching their subject which helped a lot because my teachers at school aren't like that.

    Eilidh Easter School 2017
  • Good teachers, learnt a lot, nice class.

  • Very helpful teachers, willing to answer any questions, concise and informative teaching.

  • The material handed out are excellent and not too simplistic which is great. The key areas covered really hit the nail on head with regards to where students struggle most. I left feeling I could achieve a much higher RUAE.

    Nikki Easter School
  • The teachers enhanced my understanding of how to answer questions better.

  • It helped me to understand the questions better and feel more confident.

    Janice Easter School 2017
  • We went over every aspect of the RUAE paper in-depth

    Niamh Easter School 2017
  • The location was easy to access from the train station. I obtained assistance with work and explanations.

    Alexander Easter School 2017
  • Helped improve understanding and how to tackle exam style questions.

    Emily Easter School 2017
  • Good way to revision, teacher was helpful.

    Ewan Easter School 2017
  • Gives good resources and information and teacher is very good/informative. Also, gives an idea of what places you are comfortable with or need to work on.

    Garie Easter School 2017
  • Going over all the units again aided my understand more clearly.

    Sophie Easter 2017
  • Chemistry and Maths tutors were very helpful with the use of technology to understand difficult subjects

    Victora Easter school 2017
  • It helped out with my knowledge, did more here that I would have done at home.

    Beth Revision 2017
  • Chemistry tutor really improved my understanding of the subject and has inspired me to work harder at it as he is one of the most engaging teachers I have met. I also liked the fact that an emphasis was put on the most difficult question types in Maths.

    Euan Revision Course 2017
  • The Biology class was very good as everything was explained very well.

    Sophie Revision Courses 2017
  • The way things were explained I realised that I didn't know a lot of the basics, so it helped me understand what I was learning.

    Eilidh Revision 2017
  • Information and clear teaching styles very Helpful. Application of knowledge to questions exam practise.

    Duncan Revison Class 2017
  • Chemistry class was FANTASTIC as the teacher was very good at explaining every concept needed and I understood more about Chemistry in 4 days than a year of school.

    Nehaal Revision 2017
  • I enjoyed it all.

    Stella Easter Revision 2017
  • Small classes and working through sections of the course.

    Claire Easter Revision
  • The method of teaching is better than that of my school. Made topics a lot easier to understand. Teachers eager to help.

    Corrie Easter Revision 2017
  • Able to ask questions that I was stuck with and we went through everything at the close reading formulas which built my confidence in writing my answers and I liked that the class was small, I loved it...

    Toni Easter Revision 2017
  • I liked that the class was small, I liked that we got given a lot of worksheets that we could take home as it was very helpful.

    Stefanie Easter Class 2017
  • I was taught new techniques and old ones that I'd have forgotten. The teacher was really good and so was the learning environment.

    Holly Revision Class 17
  • I set out to recap the units and fill any gaps that I had. To feel more confident and better prepared for the exam. It was good to be able to practise and ask questions.

    Eva National 5 Physics
  • I thought I'd get some help to better understand the topics I'm most anxious about. The course couldn't have been any better, it was hugely helpful and I feel great about my revision.

    Alex National 5 Maths
  • I enjoyed the experience and feel it has helped me a lot with what I didn't understand in subjects Maths/Physics

    Lachlan National 5 Maths
  • Really good, I know how to utilize my time perfectly.

    Neha National 5 Math
  • Very focused and quiet which was helpful for me. The teacher was great at getting to the root of anything I had problems with too!

    Sam National 5 Maths
  • Top class. Teachers were very patient and helpful.

    ewan National 5 English
  • I took this course to act as a booster for my prelims in January and get me back into work after Chrismas. I feel more confident with problems now and have a better idea of how to revise properly.

    Sam National 5 Chemistry
  • I attended the course to get some extra revision and improve my skills. I feel it's been the best revision I've done and have a better idea of what I'll have to do to achieve the results I want.

    James National 5 Chemistry
  • I feel a lot more confident in my revision technique.

    Lordina National 5 Chemistry
  • The course was recommended to my parents and I thought it might be useful to have extra resources and planned revision time to go over topics. It turned out to be really useful

    Manal National 5 Biology
  • My daughter found both courses really informative and enjoyable. As a result her confidence has been boosted in both subjects (Maths and English) so thank you to the tutors.

    Elaine Parent | Easter 19
  • A very positive experience with small groups of students and excellent teaching. An ideal environment to reinforce learning and ask questions to further understanding.

    Annette Parent Easter 19
  • My Son found the English courses extremely worthwhile. We’ve signed up for grade boosters

    Lynn Parent | Easter 19
  • Fantastic service and accommodated a previously booked arrangement. Thanks and would highly recommend

    Janet Parent | Easter 19
  • My daughter attended the higher English, biology and geography in week one of the Easter break she said the teachers were excellent and she learnt so much to help her get those As she wants for university

    Susan Parent | Easter 19
  • I would like to thank all the staff on the course as my daughter found it extremely helpful. She was so happy that she attended and came out of classes every night talking about how much she liked the teachers. The coverage of work was very thorough and I see a confident person prepared and ready to embrace her exams. Great course!!

    Catherine Parent | Easter
  • Very accommodating. Well organised. Good communication. Friendly teaching staff. Very helpful courses.

    Julia Parent | Easter
  • Excellent courses. My daughter feels a lot more confident in her subjects.

    Karen Parent | Easter
  • My daughter has attended your classes last year at Easter (for Nat 5), again at Christmas before her higher prelims & again this Easter. She always enjoys them & feels the benefit. Always well organised & as a parent, I think this is an excellent service

    Mandy Parent
  • Very useful revising in a formal setting - will definitely be back for highers next year. Thank you to the tutors.

    Angela Parent | Easter
  • My son said he benefitted from the intensive revision and good notes to were given for them to aid in their further revision after the course

    Li Easter | Parent
  • My son found the courses to be well structured and well taught.

    Janet Parent | Easter
  • My daughter found the course & tutor both very helpful. It really helped her gain a better understanding of a certain area in chemistry she was unclear about. It also helped her gain confidence in this subject. Many thanks.

    Carol Easter | Parent
  • It was relevant and well paced. Really helped build confidence

    Shona Parent
  • My daughter was very impressed with the revision courses. She was pleased with what they managed to get through each day. She thought it was very worthwhile and would recommend it highly

    Sarah Parent
  • My daughter attended higher biology course and she really enjoyed it and found it extremely helpful. I believe it has given her a lot more confidence in answering exam questions. The teacher was excellent with her and as a result, we have booked her into the boast your grade Higher English and Biology before the exams. I would recommend to other parents - excellent teaching methods- fingers crossed for good results. Thanks

    Marnie Parent
  • "Really good week, time well spent on 2 subjects. Good use of the Spring break."

    Jenifer Parent
  • Excellent support given and really helped provide focus prior to Exams. Top Marks.

    David Parent
  • Well taught. Has improved knowledge and confidence for the forthcoming exam.

    Eleanor Parent
  • The course adapted over the week to suit our needs. Very helpful.

    Megan Adv H. Biology 2019
  • Good clear direction in each session. I managed to get so much out of the course! Friendly and helpful teacher.

    Mhairi AH Biology Easter 2019
  • Loved the teaching style. It made the course easy to grasp and revise.

    Erin Biology AH Easter 2019
  • Covered all the hardest parts of the course. Lots of helpful resources provided too.

    Terry Biology AH Easter 2019
  • Went into the details and broke down hard topics. Great teachers!

    Libby Adv Biology/Chemistry 2019
  • The course adapted over the week to suit our needs. Very helpful.

    Megan Adv H. Biology
  • Fun, informative, much better than my school teachers.

    Molly AH Chemistry 2019
  • Well structured. Very interactive. Lots of past paper questions to get our confidence up.

    Rebecca Adv Higher Chemistry 2019
  • Made us do intensive study, covered all aspects of the course and got everyone talking about it.

    Lewis Adv Physics 2019
  • The teacher made difficult concepts simple and more manageable.

    Nathan Adv Physics
  • Explained hard math problems clearly.

    Saboor Adv Maths
  • It helped me with the things I got stuck at home with. Now I know exactly what I need to revise.

    Erin Adv Higher Maths
  • Really liked the teaching style. Covered lots of the course. Helpful and friendly teacher.

    Mhari Adv Higher Maths

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