SQA Higher Biology Course

SQA Higher Biology Course

Higher Biology Course will develop your interest and Enthusiasm for Biology in general by studying SQA Higher Biology. The Skills of scientific inquiry and investigation are developed, throughout the course, by investigating the applications of Biology. Taking Higher Biology will enable you to become a scientifically literate citizen, able to review the science-based claims you will meet. This course is a broad and up-to-date selection of concepts and ideas relevant to the central position of life science within our society.

Higher Biology SCQF Level 6: Qualification Breakdown
Learners should have a clear understanding of the following areas

– DNA and Genome

  • Cell division and chromosomes
  • Base sequence and base pairing of DNA
  • Function of proteins
  • Evolution by natural selection
  • Species
  • Classification of life
  • Cell ultrastructure and function

– Metabolism and Survival

  • Enzymes
  • Negative feedback control
  • Genetic engineering
  • Summary equation for respiration
  • ATP and energy
  • Aseptic techniques
  • Microbial culture techniques

– Sustainability and Interdependence

  • Photosynthesis
  • Plant biology
  • Inheritance
  • Extinction
  • Food webs and chains
  • Biodiversity and conservation
  • Climate change


What opportunities will be available once complete Higher Biology

  • Advanced Higher biology
  • Entry to employment, training and further or higher education.

What Support Can Scholar tutoring offer for Higher Biology?

We offer Weekly one-2-one tutoring deliver by a school teacher or college lecturer in your own home your there’s.

Grade Booster Tutoring offers Glasgow revision course for Higher Biology throughout the academic year.

  • Our first course starts in October UNIT in a Day, Normally UNIT ONE for Nat 5 and Higher biology, and Human Biology
  • Followed by our Christmas Prelim course which runs between Christmas and New Year.
  • During the month of Feburay we offer a timetable to cover all the Biology UNIT in a Day
  • Easter holidays, we run two weeks of classes for Advanced Higher Biology, Higher Biology, Higher Human and National 5
  • Grade Booster taking place the weekend before the Biology SQA exams.

Higher Biology Courses