What’s the Point in Prelims?

What’s the Point in Prelims?

Firstly, as a parent, it’s vital you grasp a hold of how relevant prelims are. If your child is at Highers or Advanced Highers Level, you might find prelim results are used as predicated grades on UCAS forms, too! Therefore, the outcomes of your prelims can make the difference in where your child is offered a place at university.
In addition to this, prelims are a really important part of plotting where your teenager is at- and what they still have yet to do, whether at National 5s or beyond!

What is the point in Prelims

Prelims Indicate

By the time the prelims come, your child has typically completed a great deal of their academic learning for the year. Whilst there will still be some more to come, your teenager will find that a lot of classes turn to revision and consolidation lessons as early as Easter. Therefore, prelim results are typically a very good indicator of how your child will fair in their final exams.

With this in mind, your teenager should take their prelims seriously. This is why, as an external revision provider, we offer courses during the Christmas holidays- which run intensively over 3 days. Our reason for doing this is that we found students want to be guided through their revision, especially so close to these practise exams. Additionally, our excellent SQA courses are led by subject specialists, so at a time when your child may be distracted by the ‘festive spirit’ (and they should have time to enjoy this, too!) you can be guaranteed that there’ll be time for ‘proper’ revision!

A Practice Run

Some students find that prelims make them feel a bit wobbly: it can shake some students’ confidence. It’s the first shot at what the ‘real thing’ will feel like, and therefore the process of preliminary exams can make some teenagers feel worried and unsure. But that’s exactly why prelims can be great for your teenager! It offers your child the chance to ‘practise run’ the whole process to ensure they are feeling much more confident by the final exams.
Our revision courses are a great way of boosting your child’s confidence for this. We work in a highly-motivated environment, led by knowledgeable experts. By signing up to our courses, your child has an excellent chance at feeling a boost of confidence as they walk into their prelims!

We encourage working on sample papers as it’s an excellent way of preparing for what the questions will actually be like- and how your teen will be marked. It’s the closest form of rehearsal that your child can get!


A Real-Time Rehearsal

‘Mock’ papers- if nothing else- are also a great way of rehearsing timings. No doubt, the first few times your child completes a practice paper, they’ll find the timing is a shock to the system! Depending on your child’s style, they may find they completely run out of time… or that their answer is too limited. Prelims are the perfect time to suss this out and make a plan to ‘crack timings’ in the coming months.

Finally, prelims are the most realistic run-through your child’s going to get. It’s a bit like preparing for a driving test: you’d likely perform all the manoeuvres during the lesson before your test. Prelims are these manoeuvres: they are your child’s chance to have a go before they do it for real.

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