Revision: what should my teen be doing?

Revision: what should my teen be doing?

Revision is a vitally important part of the examination process. It offers the chance to revisit subjects and topics, as well as identify areas where there might be misunderstandings or ‘missing’ gaps. Many exams are designed where students are asked to recall or remember knowledge and information learnt in class. Revising gives students the opportunities to ‘rehearse’ what they know- and prepare to put it into action!

But how can they make the best start with revision? What should you, as a parent, expect?

Sit Past Papers

Schools and colleges organise preliminary or mock examinations in class- but encouraging your teen to sit additional papers at home is excellent prep for your child. Get them to try and stick as close to ‘realistic’ exam conditions as possible. Encourage them to engage with challenges that might present themselves; have them rehearse timings; and suggest that they start to predict types of questions that will be asked.

Where possible, ask teachers to mark these extra papers as it can really help a student consider how best to move forward. (Just be aware that a teacher’s mark-load is often heavy! You might need to speak to individual teachers about how quickly they could turnaround any additional papers passed their way.)

Revision: what should my teen be doing?

Attend Support Sessions

Most schools and colleges ‘put on’ revision sessions. These are usually across subjects, with the aim to guide your teen in the right direction and give them extra practise. It’s always recommended that teens attend these sessions (and sometimes schools will ‘invite’ specific students who may need intervention) to ensure key information is covered and revised.

Look to a Revision Courses

In addition to what’s available in school or college, many students reap the benefits from intensive sessions or revision courses during the school holidays. Revision providers- such as ours- offer courses, whereby our experts can guide your teen through their revision. We also run these in a small-group setting, creating an engaging break away from classroom context.

Learn Exam Timings

One of the trickiest things to master in exams is the timing. Many subjects will ask your teen to even consider how much time they have per questions (and it can be variable!) as well as how long they’ve got to complete the paper. Timing can be a crucial factor in finishing an exam successfully- but can also be one of the unfortunate ways students can lose a large amount of marks if they’ve run out of time to finish answers!

Teachers can advise a timing break-down for students, as can the experts that lead our revision courses. Our expects help your teen to rehearse and consider timing for their specific subjects.

Ask Questions and Seek Support

Finally, neither you or your teen should be afraid to ask questions or seek support! There’s plenty of support out there, when you go looking for it.

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