Mentally Equipped for an Exam Year?

Mentally Equipped for an Exam Year?

The exam year your teen is about to face will no doubt have levels of challenge and difficulty. There’ll be times where your child requires resilience; your child will be critiqued as well as put under pressure. Are they ready to handle this?
Being mentally equipped during an exam year is not something that’s going to happen overnight! However, as a parent or guardian, there are ways you can support your teenager and build them up for these mental challenges:

Mentally Equipped for an Exam Year?

Boost Them!

Boosting your child’s confidence is one way to ensure they can handle the year ahead. This doesn’t mean you sit there just telling them how great they are; instead, their confidence will come by being well prepared for lessons, learning and their exams.

Working on securing their knowledge is what will make them feel confident about their subjects. If your teen is struggling in something, then this is where their confidence can dwindle. So, whether it’s finding a tutor; doing additional work at home; or signing up to a revision course, there are things you can do to bring your child up to a level where they feel more confident in their subjects.

Revision Courses Promote Focus

Revision courses are an excellent way to make your child feel mentally ready to tackle exams. Our courses run just before prelims and prior to final exams, so we offer your child intensive, expert-led input right before the exams.

You may find that your teenager keeps comparing themselves to their friends in class. Or perhaps your child is distracted by their best buddies in class? By joining our revision courses, your child is likely to find like-minded peers who are there to revise and work hard alongside them. The atmosphere we create is motivational and focussed- leaving your child’s mind-set feeling positive and good!

I signed up for this course to get a head start in my revision. I’ve really enjoyed it. Got well ahead and learned how to work questions to get the most marks out of them. Feel lots more confident now going forward.

Roshni – Advanced Higher Biology – Prelim Revision

Promote Positivity

Your child’s going to need positivity in order to bounce back from the criticism they will face with regards to their work. Teachers want the best for your child: they will be pushing them to achieve the best of their ability. In doing this, teachers will continue to give feedback to your students to help them shape what they need to do next. Some students find more motivation from this, whilst others can feel a bit down if they don’t do something quite right.

It’s important for your teenager to know that exam years are all about improving to your very best. Learning is a continual journey, and there’s always room for more knowledge. Trying to get your teenager to recognise this is important: they need to be resilient and prepared to work with what they’re advised to do. During our revision courses, we want students to really hear what we’re telling them and apply it. Through this, they have the right channels to succeed with their full potential!
There’s a classroom phrase that reads: ‘don’t tell me it’s finished: tell me it’s excellent.’ This kind of incentive suggests that your child will be best prepared if they’re willing to keeping working at things; to not give up!

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