Making the Most of Revision Sessions

Making the Most of Revision Sessions

Revision classes or sessions are a great way for your exam-sitting teenager to scrub up on that all-important skill and knowledge. Whether your child attends after-school revision sessions, or attends an independent revision course, there are a few ‘key’ ways to make the most of revision classes.


In school, revision classes are often popularly attended, and students can sit and absorb information provided by their teachers. School revision can be great for getting students to revisit any gaps or address uncertainties in their subject knowledge. Teachers will know what they have taught and will therefore aim to cover the learning again, to best prepare your child with the learning that they need.


There are, of course, many positives to your child attending this type of revision session. They will revise exactly what they’ve learnt in class and they will be familiar with individual teachers’ style of delivery.

Making the Most of Revision Sessions


However, students who attend the revision session, we offer, can often expect a more, ‘intensified’ method of revising where our school teachers will re-teach large parts of the courses focusing on key areas that students need to concentrate on in preparation for their May exams. We work in small groups of 12 students, and each session is led by an experienced school teacher, who can fill your teen with both confidence and knowledge.


One of the benefits of turning to a revision provider is that your teenager can avoid being distracted by groups of friends in school. By working with students from other schools and colleges, your teen is likely to find they are in a focused and motivated environment. Working in small groups can also be a great place to collectively share ideas and we encourage students to engage and participate in learning activities. Our groups are about facilitating learning and providing students with an excellent space to learn!


Whichever setting your child finds themselves in, it is also beneficial for them to start taking ownership over their notes and become organised. The expectation, at exam level, is that students look after their own notes. They need to write in a way that will help prompt them with key information.


Getting your teen a good selection of folders or notebooks is an excellent way of helping them to keep on track and ensure they are keep hold of worksheets and written work in a methodical way.