Knowledge (really is!) Power

Knowledge (really is!) Power

‘Knowledge is power’ teachers cry out to the class! Yet- when it comes to exams- it can feel like all the focus is on passing a very specific set of exams.

However, your teenager is most likely to achieve the top grades at exams if their knowledge rich and rounded. Students with great knowledge stored in their minds will be able to apply it to acquire those extra marks- and strong knowledge will separate them from the rest!


Increase Cultural Capital

Securing a sense of your teenager’s knowledge will take time and commitment. Taking advantage of any opportunities to promote your child’s ‘cultural capital’ (knowledge of culture,) will aid them, too. Whether it’s trying to read more books, visit more places, or just have more discussions at home that give your child a wider sense of culture, all of these things will benefit your child.

Seize Academic Opportunities

Also, signing up to academic opportunities will expand and secure your child’s knowledge. As a revision provider, we are confident in the power that ‘external helping power’ can have! Our course are popular: teenagers enjoy the enriching experience of revising with a group of like-minded peers, outside of school, yet still led by a subject specialist.

To increase knowledge, it’s going to be vital for your teenager to revise this year. They must study at home, as well as school, to have the best chances of maximising their success. An exam year is usually all about retaining and truly learning knowledge. Only when topics are understood deeply and widely can your child apply their knowledge to an exam with ease and proficiency. Therefore, our revision courses run in small groups, in a focussed and motivated environment, to offer your child the best chances of revising most effectively.

Read Around

Reading around subjects will help your child a lot when it comes to increasing their knowledge. Grabbing hold of revision texts, as well as reading lists many schools provide, are sure to bode your child well. If your child can get into good reading habits- reading around their subjects most days- then they’re much more likely to absorb academic knowledge.

In addition to this, the more your child is exposed to ‘reading material,’ the better their writing ability is likely to become. Being exposed to more formal (or academic) styles of writing gives your child a ‘tone’ and ‘style’ to emulate.

Our revision courses offer small working groups, in an intensive and expert-led environment. It’s an ideal for your teenager to bounce ideas from their peers, as well as have the amazing input of a subject-specialist (who can provide plenty of knowledge and support for your child’s revision.

Quiz, quiz, quiz

Lastly, simple revision techniques at home will keep your child on their toes when it comes to improving knowledge! Quizzes, for example, are an excellent tool for question and answer style fact recall. And, of course, there’s no limit to how many times your teen can test themselves with quizzes. Many subject quizzes can be found online, too, and there’s lots of educational ‘spin offs’ of popular TV quizzes that your child may enjoy!

Ultimately, your teenager’s sense of confidence is going to come from being as knowledgeable as possible for each exam. Focussing on their well-rounded sense of knowledge is what will best carry them through their examinations.

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