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Maths is one of those subjects that we know we need, if for no other reason than all jobs and subjects need you to have a minimum grade in the subject. But how does this often theoretical subject translate into the real world.

From architecture to science, medicine to being a zoo keeper, maths is a subject we use all the time, and one that we, our clients, bosses and the public need to know that we can use those skills correctly. Designing cars launching space crafts, surveying archaeology sites and measuring ingredients for cakes. These all require a strong foundation in maths.
The subject however is built some what like a wall. Without strong foundations here is no base on which to build further knowledge. Just a few missing steps means the next layer of learning is difficult. Tutoring allows your child to fill in the missing gaps, or extend their knowledge to get a great final grade.
Often maths students fail because they are afraid in the rather public area of a class room in front of their friends and peers to ask the teacher to go over the basic topic that they may have not studied for some time, or failed to grasp first time round. Unable to grasp the basic tasks, they become easily bored and distracted leading to them falling further behind, and possibly becoming disruptive. As tutors we know that there is no such thing as s stupid question and we can work to help the students put the missing bricks in their personal wall and get them reengaged with class room learning. Contact us now to book your child a place with a dedicated tutor.

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