Becoming a Tutor

Tutors come in many guises, all of Schoalr Tutoring tutors are teachers that work a few hours of an evening.


  • Qualified teacher, many tutors are qualified teachers, although the nature of tuition often prohibits gaining qualified teacher status.
  • DBS, CRB or PVG check.
  • Specialist subject knowledge.
  • Ability to work one on one with students.

Is Being a Tutor Right for Me?

Tuition is not teaching. Teaching involves classes and curriculums, tuition turns everything on its head. Instead the focus is on one single student and their requirements. Crucially you are rarely introducing them to the topic, instead you are repeating another teachers work. Often you need to go back years through their work and deal with the basics where they have gone wrong.

Tutoring is a student focused concept, often closer to peer learning than teaching. At the same time, it can be intimidating for a student to sit there whilst an authority figure stares at them. You will also have to have a lot more interaction with parents than you do as a teacher. You need to walk a fine line between professional tutor, and the relaxed relationship you will need to work with students one on one.

Becoming a Tutor.

If you meet the requirements becoming a tutor is relatively straightforward, although it can be a slow process. In many ways face-to-face tuition is easier than online tuition, at Grade Booster Tutoring we all of your tutoring is face to face.

Grade Booster Tutoring take the hard work of running a website and advertising out the hand of the tutor, and allow teachers / tutor to considerate on students and teaching rather then marketing there service. At some times of the year people are desperately searching for a tutor, but at others you won’t hear a thing. Be patient and the enquires will come through.


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