Why Revision is a MUST

Why Revision is a MUST

If you’ve got a teenager in an exam year, you may be wondering what all the revision fuss is about. School is the place for learning, after all- why can’t they cover everything they need to know whilst they’re there?! 


There’s a few answers to this:

Firstly, you want to factor in success. To be successful at examinations, your teenager needs to work hard both inside and out of school. This is because, to achieve top marks, it is an expectation that your child will revise topics over and over again in order to truly embed them and understand them.

We all know the old saying: “Practise makes perfect!” Whilst there might not be a ‘perfect exam answer,’ practising papers and continuing to cover aspects that they have already learnt in school will certainly lead to much stronger chances of success!


In addition to this, there’s only so much time that your teenager spends in the classroom. Whilst there’s enough time for teachers to deliver the material and course content, there’s never going to be the time to cover absolutely everything twice!

There may be areas of weakness that your child has and, whilst teachers will help your child to fill in these gaps, we have to realistically recognise that one teacher may have several students to support at any one time.

This is where a revision provider, such as ours, is an excellent opportunity for your teenager. We provide small-group settings, led by subject specialists, to guide your child through key aspects of their revision. Our intensified sessions offer your child the chance to scrub up their knowledge (and ask questions!) in an environment that is highly focussed yet welcoming.


We also know that revision is critical to your child’s confidence- and confidence is such a big factor that affects an individual’s exam performance! If students know that they have worked hard and revised well before an exam, they’ll enter the exam hall feeling ready to face what’s ahead.

In addition to this, your teen will be equipped to succeed- after they have attended one of our revision courses– because we guide them through their revision. If you and your child are reading this, you are perhaps already conscious of the work they have ahead of them? To make them feel more reassured, sign them up to one of our Easter or Grade Booster revision courses: We are currently offering an ‘earlybird’ discount of 10% for our SQA National 5s, Higher and Advanced Higher courses this ends on 31st January.

Seeking support via teachers- or joining up to our revision classes- is a great solution for propelling revision forward! Our courses are a guaranteed way your teenager will be revising well.

“I didn’t catch you the first time”

Finally, revision is important because your teenager is NEVER going to remember everything they learn the first time that they hear it! Your teenager is human, after all… Revision outside of the classroom helps them to remember: it is part of the ‘learning process’ for youngsters in their exam years! And revision is great for promoting your teen’s sense of independence before they enter adulthood, too.

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