Why are Prelims Important?

Why are Prelims Important?

Prelims have a very important purpose. They’re there to make sure your child is on track with their subjects. Prelims are an excellent indicator of where your teen is at, what they need to do next and what they might be predicted to achieve!

Prelims are a ‘mid-point’ in your child’s exam year: it is prime time for students to have their learning and knowledge assessed! Prelims usually provide a pretty accurate account of how most students are likely to fair come their graded exams, so it’s all very valid practise and assessment.

Also For Confidence

At the point of prelims, your teen will likely be able to pinpoint topics where they’re least and most confident: they might have a good idea of things they need to work on- or any work parts of their courses that remain outstanding. In addition to this, if your student has been absent at any point between September to December, prelims will help to highlight gaps and areas with problems.

To Help Revision

Prelims may also help to highlight areas where intervention is required to boost grades. As a parent, this might prompt you to sign your child up to a revision course, such as the ones we provide. After prelims, revision is going to be a significant part of your child’s life! It’s important that they have some direction with this.

Our SQA courses cover key subjects, including English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology at National 5, Higher and Maths, Chemistry and Biology at Advanced Higher. With a subject specialist leading each session, you can be assured that the revision is high-impact, knowledgeable and intensive.

On this note, we are pleased to offer a specific ‘prelim revision course’ across three days of the Christmas holidays (27th  – 29th December.) This enables students to have a specific time in which to focus on their studies, whilst still being able to enjoy the Festive break! Students with December Prelims, we are offing a Unit in a day courses running last weekend of November and first weekend of December.

As a result of prelims, your teen should be able to move forward, with a valuable idea of what to do in the lead-up to spring.

To Rehearse Exam Technique and Experience

Prelims are also an excellent opportunity to experience a ‘run through’ of what the graded examinations might be like come May. For many students, exams are clouded with anxiety, worries and stress, but prelims familiarises the exam pressure. It’s a useful rehearsal for your teen to acclimatise to the context!

In addition to this, your child also gets a ‘real-time’ version of their examinations- to see how they fair with those tight timings! Some exams last longer than the hour they may have had in class, so prelims give a truer reflection of how your child will work to each exam’s time frame.

Lastly, the results of the prelims will hopefully provide teachers, parents and- of course- your child with a good indicator of where they’re at with their targets. Additionally, colleges and universities often rely on predicated grades for application, so prelims will play an informed part of the process. It’s crucial both you and your child treats prelims seriously.