Where’s the Best Place to Revise?

Where’s the Best Place to Revise?

‘A coffee shop, a friend’s house or in my bedroom…where do I want to revise today?’ your teenager may wonder!

Whilst you want your teenager to be comfortable in their studying environment, it is important for them to consider where is the BEST place for them to revise? Where will they study most successfully?

This can vary from student to student, but it is certainly something that you and your teenager should consider. The thing is, one of the biggest problems when it comes to revision is… avoiding distraction! Therefore, your best bet is to consider the places that are ‘least distracting’ for your teenager.


Study Places

Firstly, an external revision course is an ideal environment for teenagers to study. We offer provision for SQA National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher subjects- outside of school. Our revision courses are highly regarded because of our small-group, intensive approach, with subject specialists leading each class. These are experts in preparing young people for these exams, and it’s the perfect setting for your child to revise successfully.

In addition to this, libraries with ‘study rooms’ are obviously ideal places for your child to revise (and your child’s school may well have its own devoted library or study space!) The peace and quiet of these types of areas will encourage your child to focus and concentrate on their work. Teenagers should not underestimate the need for quiet working… their exams will be in strict silence, after all!

At Home

At home, it may not always seem so easy to find a space for your youngster to study. Whilst they may ‘set up camp’ in their bedroom or across the dining table, there may well be other things going on in the household such as siblings, TV and the general chaos of family life! That said, your child should still do revision at home (it’s not an excuse to avoid it!)

However, as a parent or guardian, you may wish to consider your teenager’s working environment and think about creating them a space in the house (your teenager will probably have a lot of books and folders start to accumulate over the year!) Perhaps getting the rest of the family involved, too, by having dedicated ‘downtime’ to do homework or paperwork may mean your teenager gets a bit more peace and time to work.

Revision courses are ideal because, not only are they led by subject specialists, but all material covered is relevant and directly delivered to the SQA exams your teen will be taking. In addition to this, we find that students really excel at a revision when they do this in a purposeful, guided atmosphere.

Out of the House

Your teen may wish to work with a peer. Whilst a ‘study buddy’ is often encouraged, your teen will need to choose a peer wisely. Perhaps getting in contact with someone who your child has been on a revision course with might be a good idea: a benefit to external provision, such as ours, is that your child makes acquaintances on an educational level. They meet like-minded individuals who they can work with and you could consider a safe and mutual place for them to continue as ‘study peers.’ (Maybe the coffee shop isn’t out of the question completely?)

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