When is the right time to start revision, the answer might surprise you?

When is the right time to start revision, the answer might surprise you?

We tend to think revision is what comes at the end of the term. That there is a set time to start revision, and for most that are months away. Many students regard revision as something they do in the last week or two before their exams. Revision of that kind is simply cramming

But revising the days learning each evening can start a great habit that will pay off.

It’s too easy to take a lesson and then put your notes away till next time. This is why teachers spend the first part of the lesson recapping previous lessons learning. But what if there was something you didn’t understand from a previous week. How can you learn more if you haven’t learned the starting point?


Plan to revise starting now.

MDL have some great tips, including some sample timetables for revising. Follow the link and download from the first tip.

Treat revision as a part of homework. Rereading their notes before starting homework, and maybe checking some definitions online, before practising their new skills can make the world of difference for the following lesson.

Plug gaps now.

It’s too easy to assume that something they don’t understand now will be filled in before the exams. But the reality is that in a fast-paced classroom students can fall behind. Once they’ve lost their academic footing it can be hard to catch up as the rest charge on ahead.

Get them into revision sessions.

Revision sessions are a proven way to improve grades, starting soon and getting more sessions in before the exams can be a great boost if they have important exams in the next year or two.

I thought I’d get some help to better understand the topics I’m most anxious about. The course couldn’t have been any better, it was hugely helpful and I feel great about my revision.
Alex – National 5 Maths – Christmas Revision Course

When is too soon.

Are they only just starting high school? It may seem ridiculous to try and start revising years before their important exams, but this is a crucial habit that can make a huge difference at every stage of their learning.

Don’t forge the basics of revision

This infographic from Inner Drive gives a great outline of ways to revise.

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