Effective Revision Tips

Effective Revision Tips

When it comes to revising, your teen will want to maximise on the time that they have to strive towards the top grades! Therefore, it’s wise to consider the best ways to revise.


Starting sooner will always be better than later! The sooner your child begins the revision process, the easier it is to form good habits and relieve exam pressure. Hopefully, by starting as soon as your child can, they will feel more confident.

Also, short bursts of revision are more beneficial than long slogs. That doesn’t mean revise for a little bit and then stop. Instead, your child should take regular breaks to break up periods of revision.


Everybody has different ways of learning- and we all benefit from differing strategies. Initially, your teen will (hopefully) experiment with ways of revising. Whether it be flashcards, creating mnemonics and songs, or designing mind maps and posters, it’s important that your teen plays to their strengths to find revision strategies that are effective.

Revision is definitely not a ‘one size fits all.’ It’s important to emphasise to your child that, just because your friends revise a certain way, doesn’t mean that they will do the same!

Revision Classes

Absolutely sign your child up to some sort of revision course, class or session. This sort of thing is widely available to teens, either through school or with ourselves.

 We are an external revision provider: we find that our courses enable students to have an excellent opportunity to strive for top grades, with like-minded peers. Our small group settings enable your child to have an intense, yet welcoming, atmosphere. Many students find it a huge boost in helping their confidence!
Subject specialists lead all of our SQA National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses, so your teen will cover exactly what they need to know for their exams.

Revision courses provide students with the necessary structure and guidance to ensure their hard work and effort leads to success.

    Our classes typically contain between eight to twelve students. By keeping class sizes small, we ensure that we are delivering the very best support to our students.

Optimise the Learning Environment

When it comes to revising, working in an environment conducive to study and focus is crucial. That’s another reason why our revision courses work so well (especially when it’s so easy to get distracted at home!)

However, during times when your child is revising at home, ensure that they have an effective space in which to do this. Firstly, they’ll need somewhere quiet with minimal distractions. Secondly, it’s ideal if they have space to spread out papers, books and materials: revision often come with a lot of ‘stuff!’ Finally, allowing your child an area of the house where they can stick up posters or pin-up visuals can be really helpful as a revision tactic. Often ‘seeing’ reminders or resources will help them embed the learning in their minds.

And lastly, it goes without saying really that your child must take care! The most effective revision comes from a brain that’s energised! Rest, good food and good sleep are more than just a ‘top tip.’ It’s vital for exam success.

Easter Revision Course
Grade Booster Revision Course

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