Revising the Hard Stuff

Revising the Hard Stuff for SQA exams

Many students make the mistake of spending too much time revising work they are relatively comfortable with, therefore spending less time on the hard stuff! We all know how it can be: if something seems tricky, we try to put it off and leave it until last- but this strategy just won’t pay off when it comes to revising for exams!

By ensuring revision addresses some of the things a teen feels unsure of (or less ‘skilled’ in,) it can have a real potential impact on a final grade. If your teen struggles on essay writing, for example, one of the best things they can be doing in their study time is brushing up on- and writing- essays!

Encourage them to seek support whilst they can. Make use of experts and resources to work on these things, so that by the time the exam comes, your teen can feel more confident and secure that they have covered things that they may have originally wanted to avoid!


Also, it is worth considering the amount of depth and details your teen will need to go into with their revision notes and work. Being familiar with a topic is quite different from actually understanding a topic. Again, this is often the harder stuff- the bits that require much more brain work and effort to learn! However, the reward of being well equipped with knowledge for their examinations will, of course, be reaped on results day! If your teen is stuck for how to make sure they are being thorough enough, the revision courses we offer provide a good guide and ‘model’ for covering exam material in depth.


One simple way to address tricky topics at home might be to talk them through with your teen. Sometimes, things can become clearer if students are given the chance to talk about an idea or concept, and sound out their thoughts with another person listening in. Even if you, yourself, are unsure of the content, it can be helpful just to allow your child the space to try and explain something in a way which might provide more clarity for themselves by speaking it out loud. This is a strategy we also adopt, where appropriate, on our revision courses: we provide opportunities for students through their thinking- and bounce ideas off of one another in a friendly, yet focused, environment.


As a parent, it might be difficult to know what your child is and isn’t covering when they are revising. This is one way that we can help you. We offer fully supportive and intensive revision sessions, led by subject specialists, who can navigate your teen through some of the more challenging aspects of their studies.

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