Muster Up January Motivation

Muster Up January Motivation

As parents, we know how important our child’s education will be in the future, and it can be frustrating when your teen doesn’t seem to grasp a sense of the motivation you hoped that they would have. Instead, your teen might focus energy towards devices, hobbies or hanging out with their friends!

Your own frustration might then muster into nagging – and then negativity starts to creep in. The likelihood is, the more you nag, the more your teen turns their nose up at revision and studies at home. It can be a real challenge!

January Exam motivation

How to Get Motivated

For your teenager to be motivated, they need to gain a value in it: your child needs to believe that the revision they are doing will make a difference. If anything, mustering up your child’s motivation is more about tackling their mindset.

Your child needs to have the confidence to do well, as well as have the desire to drive their studies forward.

One of the ways you can help, first of all, is sign them up to a revision course. Our courses are an ideal solution for boosting your teen’s confidence because it gives them the means to work intensively- in a smaller environment than the classroom. Also, our external courses are run by subject specialists, so students acquire excellent knowledge!

If your teen feels confident, and they’re familiar with what the exam will look like, then your child is far more likely to achieve.

Sustaining Motivation

Once prelims are done and dusted, your teen will likely need to ‘step up’ revision- and really get the ball rolling! Looking at the calendar, your teen will soon see how quickly examinations are going to swing around. We’re talking a small matter of months: not even half the year. It’s a good plan to consider adding more hours to independent revision timetables or attending more of our revision courses.

And yes, it will be tough…but only for a few weeks and months! Perhaps have your teen colour code their calendar or write a ‘countdown’ until the end of exams- this usually helps unmotivated students to grasp the short timeframes of an exam year.
Maximising School Breaks

Half terms and the Easter Break, in the past, were a good time for your teen to take a breather from school! But this year, they’ll need to use the time to maximise revision. Whilst your teenager might try and sneak out their excuses, our revision courses can be an instant way to combat this.

Aims of the courses

Our courses have very clear aims, which are as follows:

  • Give students confidence in their revision plan, and their ability to achieve their potential;
  • Develop students’ subject knowledge, and plug gaps in understanding;
  • Develop students’ exam techniques;
  • Develop students’ revision techniques;
  • Identify, and tackle development areas.

By signing your child up to our sessions, held across the school breaks (as well as term time,) you can be assured that they’ll the making the most of the time that they have to prepare!

So, whilst January is known to be somewhat of a slog- and prelims might seem like an unwelcome wake-up call- the best thing you can do is help your child’s frame of mind. It is this that will make the biggest difference to their motivation and success!

Week One Monday 1st April – Thursday 4th April 2019
Week Two Monday 8th April – Thursday 11th April 2019

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