How to Revise for Prelims

How to Revise for Prelims

As the evenings draw darker, and your teen’s time at school is ever busy, you might be wondering how they’re going to get stuck into some revision for their prelims. You may already know that it’s wise for your child to prepare for these, but with a full timetable- and festive season on its way- it may be tricky to find the time!


Practice Papers / Past Papers

Your child will soon start to notice that they are asked to practise their examinations papers, again and again. Whilst it can start to seem like they know the style of questions like the back of their hand (this is a good thing,) there is reason to believe that it is one of the most effective ways to revise.

This is because, not only does your child put their learning and knowledge into coherent answers, but they also have the chance to rehearse timings and techniques. This is a vital part of being successful at examinations.

In preparation for prelim exams, your child should certainly consider tackling some practice papers and putting their exam technique to the test!

Revision Courses

As a revision provider, we know that our revision classes are hugely beneficial: therefore, we include courses specifically for prelims. We do this because we know there are many conscientious students hoping to achieve high grades. Revising well for prelim exams also sets your child well on their way for graded exams come Spring-time!

For pupils with January prelims our Christmas courses are a fantastic way of revising over just a three day period, so you teen still gets the chance to rest, relax and relish in the spirit of the festive break! By attending our courses across the 27th, 28th and 29thof December, your child has the opportunity to revise intensively, with a small group of other students. Each session is led by a subject specialist: providing structure, revision materials, exam practice and support. This can make a major difference to your teen’s prelim exam results.

This year, our SQA courses will deliver 6 hours of revision, covering: English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology (at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.)

We have been running Christmas School’s since 2011. However, we have had some requests to offer support to pupils sitting prelims in December, if that is your child we have added Unit in a day courses to support them at this critical time.

To run the following courses, we need a minimum number of students to attend. The courses have been set up on a pre-booking system if you are interested in any of the courses please signup before the 15th of November.

Revisit the Learning

It’s wise to think of the school holidays like ‘pit stops’ during an exam year.

It’s an opportunity to ‘work on’ learning from the previous years and months. Where possible, encouraging your child to bring home books or utilise revision materials will help them. The hope is that your child feels confident in their knowledge come exam time, and so recalling what they’ve learnt- again and again- will help for prelims and beyond!

Revision doesn’t have to be dull and it doesn’t have to an exercise of writing things over and over again. In fact, active revision is often much more effective. Flash cards, audio tools and applying a bit of creativity to their revision is much more likely to help them learn.

On that note…setting aside specific days for revision, over the Christmas holidays, will bode well. As a family, you might have lots to fit in.

Signing up to specific days, like our revision courses, is a practical way to ensure your child has an allotted time to prepare for those all-important prelim exams!