Hints for October Half Term

Hints for October Half Term

Realistically, half term isn’t long enough for a huge wealth of revision. However, it’s certainly time to get on top of some study- and get ahead with revision!



Priority is crucial when it comes to the half-term break. Your child may want to consider which subjects are their strengths, and where their weaker ones are. Whilst October is still a good few months away from final exams, it can be a good time to focus on subjects that are a bit more challenging for your child. Leaving these topics until the last minute will only create stress and feelings of being unprepared, so focussing on the ‘tough stuff’ now will benefit your teenager in the long run.

Think about the six to seven weeks your child has just had. Find out: what don’t they understand? Is there anything they can pinpoint as tricky? Start with these.

Plan Ahead for Prelims

October half term is also the perfect time to start planning and looking ahead to the rest of the year. Signing up to our revision courses is one excellent way of planning ahead at this time. We run intensive courses, led by subject specialists, both at Christmas and Easter time. Therefore, your child acquires expert revision guidance, right before their prelims and final examinations!

Don’t underestimate the importance of prelims, either (preliminary exams.) For most students sitting National 5s, Higher or Advanced Higher, prelims fall in January or early February. These are really important for several reasons: it’s the first time your teenager will experience a mock run-through of their exams. The results will be used to figure out where your child it at, and will signpost what your child’s got left to do. For older students, prelim data can often be used as a ‘predicted grade’ – information that University applications require. Therefore, October is an ideal ‘pit-stop’ to plan ahead and find areas they need to work on.

Using a revision provider (such as ours,) allows your child to revise intensively and effectively, without the cram or panic at the last minute.

Be Purposeful

Another handy hint is that your child may want to write themselves a list of questions or ‘things to find out’ (based on topics they are unsure of in class.) Half term could be a good time to find out the answers at home, or- if that’s too tricky- take the list to their class teacher or bring it along to a revision session.

Opting for a tutor might be another thing to consider. Finding a home tutor can be a great way for your child to experience individualised learning- if you feel that would benefit them- right through to their exams.

If anything, October half term is a time to ‘do something.’ Whilst rest and revitalisation is crucial for your child’s mental wellbeing and health at this time, too, spending a day or two of the half term thinking about ‘study’ seems to strike a fair balance. It’s a time to catch up. It’s a time to get on top of things. It is a space to see ahead and sign up to our revision courses.

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