Revision: Help your Child Make It Count

Help your Child Make It Count

Firstly, you can help your teen by encouraging revision which has a purpose.

  • What are some of their outcomes, both in the immediate and also as a long term goal?
  • What are their hopes for completing their exams- what are they expecting to be able to achieve?
  • Are there any obstacles or difficulties?

Once you’ve established this together, it might help you on your way to figuring out what support or resources your teen might want to access in the revision process.


Additionally, many teens are unsure of the best ways to revise.
They might spend hours poring over books and notes, but not really taking anything in, and feeling somewhat overwhelmed.
Your teen might also look like they’re spending hours clocking up revision time- but if their techniques are a little ineffective, then it might be helpful to consider some alternatives.




It might also be a good idea to consider how your child most effectively absorbs information.

  • Are they best reading material over?
  • Do they find it easier to listen to information being said?
  • Do they benefit from note-taking?
  • Are flashcards working for them?

These might be just a few questions to think about. Another benefit to revision courses is that the content is varied and interesting: the sessions are run by specialists who know how to cater for a whole range of individuals, who can support and guide each student accordingly

For some students, there might be a subject they’re especially hoping to achieve a particular grade in. As a parent, you may really want to support their goals, but you’re unsure how you can help make their revision count (especially if it’s a subject you’re not so confident in yourself.) Revision courses can be one excellent solution for this.  Revision courses are designed to be intensive and to make the best use of time. Our courses are led by subject specialists, where students can be reassured of high-quality revision sessions. It’s a space to focus, rather than staring into space at home!


Help them by keeping their goals grounded and realistic- and it’s best to start by applying this to their revision approach! Encourage them to break down their revision into manageable chunks. Encourage them to take breaks and, if they’re homing in on just one subject, it’s beneficial to encourage them to switch topics and/or subjects on a regular basis. This will keep their brain more ‘active’ and engaged with the work at hand.


The revision courses we run offer classes across the core subjects, where we know the importance of chunking information, working at a suitable pace, and covering vital learning and exam technique.


Overall, consider your child’s plans and hopes.
Keep things realistic and grounded.
And, most of all, encourage them to work in sensible chunks for the most effective use of their revision time.


Here is some revision course that your teen will find helpful.