‘Last Minute’ Marks

‘Last Minute’ Marks

OK, so we’re not expecting your child to suddenly surpass all expected grades in the literal last minute before entering an exam… but, students CAN gain ‘last minute marks’ in the final days before their exams- with the right input!

Boost Grades

By signing your child up to one of our ‘Grade Booster Classes,’ there is the opportunity and potential for your child to acquire some extra marks in their exam- and any extra marks increases the chances of improving your child’s overall grade!

We run these classes intensively, and they are designed to reinforce confidence in key areas of a particular subject. Grade Booster Classes take place in just one day- for 6 hours (3 x 2-hour blocks.) What’s unique about these sessions is that they happen on the weekend before the exam. For example, our English Grade Booster takes place on the 5thth May- days away from the exam taking place on the 9thrd May!

This is an excellent opportunity for your teenager to increase their knowledge and understanding, right before they walk into the exam hall. Your teen will leave our Booster Classes with fresh revision material in their minds- ready to apply it that very same week. Additionally, our classes increase your teen’s knowledge and understanding under the guidance of an experienced school teacher, who will also revise exam-style questions with your teen.

Grade Boundaries

Sometimes, it’s the ‘small things’ that can make a BIG difference in an exam: the grade boundaries (the difference between each grade) is usually relatively slim, so we cover exam techniques that equip your child to try and pick up vital extra marks.

Do not feel that your child’s grade is ‘set in stone’ before they’ve even sat down for the exam! Whilst ‘predicted grades’ or ‘results from prelims’ are helpful indicators for where your child is at, some ‘last minute boosting’ might be all they need to achieve higher marks. Our experts will specifically offer your teen guidance on how to attain as many marks as possible.

Balancing Tasks

Also, it’s a great time to do this as- until this point- it’s likely that your teen’s been juggling the demands of many different subjects. They may not find the time, on their own, to devote to one subject intensively… whereas we can enable that to happen! By attending our Grade Booster Classes on one day only, your child can feel assured that they will have the opportunity to go through everything in detail. This will help them feel more confident about balancing and prioritising revision.

It’s much easier to be motivated when working in a purposeful, focussed environment, with like-minded peers. To reach the top grades, your child really needs to maximise their revision, right up until the very end!

Signing up to our Grade Booster Classes is an excellent way to allow this to happen and acquire those ‘last minute marks!’

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