Why are exams so important?


It is often said that a good education will set you up for life. The reason that it keeps being said is because it is true. Exams are an important part of assessing your child’s learning and knowledge throughout their education and it is vital that they are as successful as they can be when undertaking them.

Sitting the National 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers are once in a lifetime events that require huge amounts of effort, learning and focus yet are completed in an hour or two depending on the exam that is being sat. So much hinges on this culmination of years of study. This hour or two, that seemingly flies by in the blink of an eye, can shape the life chances and opportunities that your child can look forward to.

Good examination results open doors. Whether these doors lead to university, a further education course or employment, your child’s success will enable university tutors or employers to assess their general aptitude, ability and potential. These are people who do not know your child and may rely solely on an examination grade to inform them of their capabilities. This is why it is paramount that your child has undertaken as much exam preparation as possible.[/vc_column_text]

The mere thought of exams can be stressful. Your child may be feeling nervous, anxious or overwhelmed. Implementing a structured revision timetable now can alleviate some of those feelings. It is natural to fear what we do not understand so by familiarising yourself with past exam papers, the sorts of questions they contain and the general layout, you can identify your child’s knowledge gaps and focus on these during revision time. It is never to early to begin preparing.

As a local tutoring agency that has been providing one-2-one tutoring for fourteen years and successful running Easter and Christmas revision courses for the past six years, we can ensure that your child is as prepared and ready as possible when sitting their exams, whether these be National 5, Highers or Advanced Highers.

We can provide the extra support that your child may need. Your child could be finding a specific subject a struggle or they may need a grade ‘A’ but are hovering at a ‘B’ or they may need to hone their general exam technique. Our School teachers, many of which are SQA Markers have developed an engaging revision courses that are specifically designed to improve your child’s subject knowledge, arm your child with a bank of study skills and develop exam confidence.

Equipping your child with subject knowledge and exam technique affords them the greatest chance of success in their education and beyond. They may not know when they will next be using Pythagoras’ theorem after their maths exam but showing the examiner that they understand this theorem will open up a wealth of opportunities to them. Life is a learning journey and they are only at the beginning.