New Year, New Study

New Year, New Study

Welcoming the New Year is often a time for inviting fresh hopes and habits to our lifestyles. For your teenager, the New Year may be an opportunity to scrub up their study habits and prepare for exams ahead.

Clarity is the best way forward. It’s time to freshen up and lay down some clear plans if your teenager intends on the best chances of success!

The New Year is in full swing already- and we hope you had a good one! This time of year is always a big one for exam-taking teenagers, so let’s think about how to start with success:


The first thing to do is to create a revision timetable. Sticking to a schedule helps many students break up their study time, as well as focus and prioritise on what needs to be done- and when by. Plotting revision course dates on their timetable helps to see when your teen will have time to intensively revise, too.

As a revision provider ourselves, we’d recommend working backwards. Your teenager should start by plotting their final exam dates, then creating a plan once they know the end date. Working in a countdown can be beneficial, too (counting down the number of weeks until a certain exam.) Ideally, your child will plan to study most days. However, days off will equally be important in order to recuperate and rest and to avoid burnout.

Revision Courses

It’s also a good time to sign your teenager up to one of our excellent revision courses, as these are intensive in their approach and offer a real boost for your teen’s knowledge and skills. During the Easter holidays, we provide a wealth of superb courses that span over 4 days. Each session is led by a subject teacher, many of whom are also SQA exam markers- so they know exactly how to help your child!

Reach for the Resources

If you haven’t done so already, the New Year can be a good time to stock up on resources for your child to use at home. Whether it be buying revision guides, purchasing a stash of flashcards or grabbing a bundle of folders for your teen, access to resources are a big help! Stationery is another thing to ensure your child has at home, so that they are fully equipped to create their revision materials. (The New Year sales are often a good place to grab a reduced bargain!)

When it comes to writing quality, knowledgeable content, your teen will need to get stuck into revision. Cramming is not generally advised: instead, the slow and steady approach is much better. Spending weeks and months properly learning course content is far more likely to have a successful outcome when it comes to examinations and beyond; the sooner your teen starts revising, the better.


Lastly, if your teen is the type to conjure up some ‘New Year’s Resolutions,’ maybe they want to incorporate something to do with revision. Perhaps it could be to complete a practise paper every fortnight? Maybe your teen could resolve to two hours of study every Monday, for example? Whatever it is, try and make it tangible and realistic: your child will be more likely to stick to it and feel like it’s achievable.
We wish you and your teenager well for the exam year ahead. We hope to see your teen at some of our revision courses, as we are confident in the excellent delivery of our provision. Spaces book quickly, so we advise you sign your child up as soon as possible in 2020. And, of course, it goes without saying: Happy New Year!

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