Is your teen actually revising?

Is your teen actually revising?

Whilst your friend’s child seems to have their revision sussed, your own teenager may seem to spend hours scrolling through their phone or occasionally plucking through a revision guide, telling you that ‘they have been revising’ or that they ‘revised at school.’

As a parent, it can be tough knowing when to challenge your teenager- and what you’re challenging them on. What’s your expectation? Who sets the expectations for how much revision your own child should sit outside of school time? And what are you really looking for, and… what’s effective revision, anyway?!

These are some of the questions that you, as a parent or guardian, may have about your exam-taking teen.

The thing is, everybody will be different. We know that. And you’ll need to account for your teenager’s capabilities, targets and end goals as to how they revise- and how much they revise! This said, there are certain things that every household of an exam-taking teen should witness. Here are 5 things to look for:

1. For starters, you will see your teen studying.


By now, your child should be following a revision timetable. As a parent, you’ll know if your child is revising because you’ll see them following it!


2. You’ll see reading material

Whether it’s revision guides or textbooks, you should see some sort of reading material during your teen’s study time. Alternatively, some teens will use the internet and make effective moves towards the wealth of resources available online. At some point, you should see your teen actually reading.


3. They’ll talk about revision

You should expect your teen to talk about revision (even if it’s reluctantly!) If your teen is revising effectively, they don’t need to say much- but they should at least be able to recall what it was they were studying…in some detail.


4. They’ll attend sessions or courses

Many teenagers stay on at school- because they know they’ll work best there. Teachers often put on after-school revision classes, too, which is a great indicator your teen has done some revision!


As an external revision provider, we also offer excellent courses in National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. Our opportunities often give students a much more intensive approach to revision (to what they’d receive in school,) as we accelerate their learning in a small-group environment.


5. They’ll Progress!

Lastly, one of the biggest indicators that your child is revising effectively is their progress and confidence. Teens that revise well are likely to get good teacher feedback; are likely to improve on past papers and are likely to have a more positive experience surrounding exams.


Also, if it looks like your child has been working very hard, but they are noticeably struggling, then it might be the case that they need to change how they revise. Whether that be in a different setting, or whether that be by trying different strategies (using audio revision instead of written ones, for example,) it could be that your teen needs some guidance in what suits them.


Again, seeking support via teachers- or joining up to our revision classes- is a great solution for propelling revision forward! Our courses are a guaranteed way your teenager will be revising well.



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