How to Manage Exam Nerves

How to Manage Exam Nerves

Exam nerves are different for everyone. Some won’t feel nervous until they hit the exam hall, whereas other teenagers may feel a brewing sense of nervousness for months prior to their exams. Sweating palms, palpitations and feeling panicked are sometimes part and parcel of sitting examinations.

In addition to this, many Scottish teenagers are due to sit prelim exams in January and February. There may be a sense of exam worries brooding in your household as we speak! However, it is important to manage levels of stress and worry.

How to Manage Exam Nerves


Firstly, being well prepared will hugely help your teenager. We must not assume that our teens just know what to do. They need plenty and plenty of practice, which is why revision at home is crucial. In school, your teenager will be equipped with a vast and rich amount of learning and knowledge, but it is your child’s responsibility to revisit this information and put it into motion!

We provide highly valuable revision courses for students sitting SQA examinations at National 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers. It’s another excellent way for your child to stay prepared and focused, and our courses run during the school holidays, which helps to maintain a balanced approach to your child’s revision. We find that our classes help to boost students’ confidence, as they leave our classes feeling well-equipped!

Embrace a bit of nervous energy

Nerves aren’t going to ‘go away,’ and it’s important your teenager starts to accept this. Feeling nervous is extremely normal, but also signifies that your child cares about their exams and wants to do well. If their adrenaline starts kicking in, then that may well be a good thing! Many students actually find they thrive from the pressure of exams and it pushes them to do well.

Take time for TLC

With this in mind, taking a bit of time for TLC is always important. Whether it’s taking revision breaks; keeping a few days revision-free, or quite simply learning how to take deep breaths in the exam hall, your teenager is going to need to look after themselves. This is another reason why many recommend our revision courses: we equip your child with effective study skills, and we aid them in their revision- whilst still encouraging time to take a break.

In time ‘off’ from revision, your teen will likely want to indulge in things they enjoy- like we all would! It’s good to value TLC and prioritise a balanced, healthy lifestyle!

If you have gaps in your knowledge or find parts of your course challenging, attendance at Easter School will help.

Don’t let it overwhelm

If your child’s anxieties about exams become overwhelming- to the point it is affecting everyday life- then try and speak to someone. Schools, youth services or a GP will be able to point your teenager in the right direction to find support and advice.

The key to excelling in exams is being able to channel nervous energy into something productive! It can be done, and we hope your child will flourish.

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