Homework’s Role in an Exam Year

Homework’s Role in an Exam Year

Homework is designed to consolidate and build on what your child is learning at school: it can help to improve their grades and knowledge. Especially when it comes to exam years, homework is vital to secure the best marks possible: your child will need to put in the hours at home to ensure they’ve fully familiarised themselves with the syllabus.

Younger students at secondary school can expect 1-2 hours per evening, whilst exam-taking students can expect homework tasks to take them 2-3 hours per evening. This may sound like a lot, but do remember this is for a short burst of an academic year or two.

And homework tasks come in different forms, too, so your child doesn’t need to be doing the same thing over and over- depending on the subject. As a revision provider, we know that variation aids revision study, too.

Homework in an exam year

Homework Helps Secure Knowledge

Homework really helps when it comes to preparing students for examinations. In the first part of the academic year, it is likely your child’s teacher will be setting tasks to extend or secure your child’s knowledge. As the year progresses, many teachers start to set revision-style activities for your child. As a revision provider ourselves, we know how imperative it is for your child to revise! By studying outside of school, your child has the best chances of success. We offer external revision courses that provide your child with the chance to work with like-minded individuals, guided by a subject specialist.

Homework Helps with Strategy

Sometimes students can feel a bit unsure when it comes to their homework, and this can stem from a lack of confidence in strategy or application. However, by attending revision sessions- such as ours- your child will gain a surge in confidence, as well as be equipped with effective knowledge and applied revision.

Sometimes class teachers will set essay questions or practice exams for homework. This might be because there simply is not enough time in lessons to complete this type of activity in the full time. Therefore, your child must do some of this preparation outside the classroom, and our intensive courses set your child up to answer questions effectively!

Even though many parents struggle for time or you might not be around when your child is completing their homework, aim to set aside a bit of time each week to help. This year, homework is really vital.

Homework Helps the Next Step

Finally, work completed at home is an expectation. As your child progresses academically, the expectation increases. If your child intends on taking academic pathways, then National 5s act as a stepping stone towards Highers, and then this springboards into Advanced Highers. These levels then prepare for University- and so forth.

Even if your child isn’t planning on an ‘academic’ pathway, then future jobs, apprenticeships and courses will often require young adults to show willing. There’ll be times in your teenager’s life where they need to work without someone ‘watching over them,’ and homework is a great way to embed this. Additionally, taking the initiative to join one of our revision courses will expand your child’s knowledge, which they can apply to their future homework tasks!

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