Habits of Highly Successful Students

Habits of Highly Successful Students

Highly successful students often have sensible instincts and smart habits surrounding their study. Here, we want to share some of these habits with you, so you can encourage your teenager to be just as successful:

You might ask: what is it that a successful student does- and does well?

Habits of Highly Successful Students

What’s the secret? Or is it just luck of the draw? Students who really excel academically… what are they doing so right?

They Study Often.

Much like learning to drive or learning to ride a bike, high achieving students know that they need to put in persistent effort and regular practise. This is usually a quality learned over time, but it’s better to start late than never! Opting to create a revision timetable, or have designated time in which to revise, is the best way to set up a study habit that will last.

As a revision provider ourselves, we know the impact that revision has. It’s vitally important to revise for exams, and imperative that your child does some sort of revision. In an ideal situation, students will adopt regular independent study habits, as well as sign up to revision classes, such as ours. We provide intensive courses- designed to boost grades- and our classes are guided by excellent subject teachers to ensure your child’s revision is highly impactful.

They Avoid Cramming

Students who participate in planned revision sessions (whether that be at home every night or a combination of classes,) tend to avoid last-minute cramming.

Cramming is only a short-term solution, and your child needs to truly embed knowledge in order to utilise it properly. To be effective, the best thing to do is work on getting information into the long-term memory.

They Test Memory

Following this, successful students are willing to stretch their minds and test their memory- again and again. The desire to retain knowledge sets apart some students. Whether it is flashcards, quizzes or continuing to return to topics, testing memory consistently will help!

They Become Precise

To gain top marks, many exams demand your child to be precise, and the best way to prepare for this is to practise! If you’re quizzing or testing your teen, probe for as much detail as possible about what they’re studying. Ask questions that start with ‘how’ and ‘why’ as this will help your teen to elaborate.

Also, your teen will do well if they can make connections. Have they seen similar things within the topic or elsewhere? Can they compare an idea? You could even connect ideas to your own experiences and memories.

As your child progresses further into the year, they’ll likely feel like the pressure is applied from all angles: teachers want to squeeze the best out of them; your teenager increasingly gets closer to their finals, and the workload may increase. Keeping stability is key.

They Maximise Opportunity

High flyers tend to seize opportunities to further their knowledge and seek support. Our revision courses are popular, and we cater for students taking National 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers. We come highly recommended, so we advise you sign up to our Easter revision courses. Take us up on the opportunity to maximise your child’s revision and help them intensify their learning. Attending one of our courses may well be the tipping point that boosts

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