Get Flash with Flashcards! ! To Help With SQA Revision

Get Flash with Flashcards! ! To Help With SQA Revision

Flashcards are a highly recommended revision tool. Ask any teacher, educator or anyone who’s sat an exam (!) and you’ll probably find they say: “Try flashcards.”

What’s great about flashcards is their adaptability. They can be used independently, with a pair, or even in groups. In addition to this, they are straightforward to make and can be adapted according to a learner’s preference. Keywords, quotations, pictures, visual cues/symbols, cloze sentences or question and answer can all be effective ways of using flashcards.

Ultimately, flashcards work by having a ‘prompt’ on one side of the card and revealing the ‘answers’ on the other side.

If your teen is only just starting out with flashcards, have them experiment to figure out what suits their memory best. Some teens will find visual clues alone enough, whilst other teens prefer a keyword or the start of a sentence as their prompt, for example.

Get the Answers ‘Right’

Before your teen creates a mass of flashcards, however, they should carefully consider the information they want to write on them.

Signing your youngster up to one of our revision courses can be one of the best ways to receive impactful revision information. The depth of knowledge our subject-specialists provide during these courses enables your child has plenty of accurate and relevant knowledge to place on their revision flashcards! We offer courses across a number of SQA subjects, for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

If you have gaps in your knowledge or find parts of your course challenging, attendance at Easter School will help. Each revision course will revise the key areas of each subject.

How Might Different Subjects Utilise Flashcards?

Subjects that require elements of fact memorisation, such as history or Religious Studies, might use flashcards for remembering keywords, dates, or information. Subjects like English Literature often rely on flashcards for quotation memorisation (‘closed book’ examinations.) Physics or maths may ask of your child to remember certain equations, and therefore flashcards might be a good way of learning to recall different calculations or methodologies. There are so many ways to utilise a revision resource like this!

Flashcards can adapt as revision progresses

Flashcards are versatile. As the weeks of revision pass, your teen might want to adapt or recreate sets of Flashcards. This is because, over time, they could make their Flashcards more challenging by minimising their ‘prompt clues.’ For example, your child might want to recreate a whole set of revision cards with just one symbol, one word or one image on the ‘prompt’ side to test their memory.

If your child is unsure of how to use Flashcards or is a bit baffled by how they might style them for a certain subject, then your child should definitely seek out some expert advice. Our revision subject specialists can answer your child’s questions during our revision courses, or your child could check in with their teachers.

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