Find the Most Effective Study Space

Find the Most Effective Study Space

Where your child chooses to complete their ‘out of class’ study is important. If your teenager claims that they revise best whilst multi-tasking watching TV, you might query how much of their revision has actually gone in?

There might be a time and space for more casual approaches, but generally speaking, your child is most likely to succeed if their study environment is focussed and purposeful.

As a revision provider ourselves, we know the impact a good study environment makes: that’s why our courses are so highly recommended. But even if your child attends one of our revision courses, it’s good for teens to have a space to access ‘outside of the classroom’ or at home.

find the most effective study space

Your teenager definitely needs a place to study. The classroom is not enough if your child wants good grades. Let us suggest spaces we think will be effective for your teenager to revise in:


Lots of students opt for their school or a local library. This is a calm, quiet place- with access to books and resources that your teen might want to dip into for their revision, too. If your child intends on venturing to University, there’s a huge expectation that students utilise their Uni library- so you may wish to prepare your teen for that now!

Study Rooms

Some schools and colleges have specific ‘quiet study rooms’ accessible to students. Maybe it’s not the sort of thing your teenager comes home shouting about, so it may be worth prompting them or querying whether this is something your teen has access to. Lots of us find it much easier to ‘get to work’ when we’re within our ‘working environment.’ Putting in the extra hours by staying later at school may well be what works for your child!

Group Study

Maybe your child thinks they can’t realistically revise well at school because they’re too distracted by friends at school? This is one of the ways our revision courses can be the perfect opportunity for your child. We provide the means to study in a motivated place, amongst like-minded peers. As an external provider, we have students- studying for SQA exams– from different schools and locations across Scotland. We also run our revision sessions in small groups, with a subject teacher at the lead, to ensure the key content and techniques are covered. Our course fuel your child’s knowledge and strategy- that they can then utilise at times when they are revising alone!

We can’t blame technology alone for distractions! Distractions, as we all know, happen for a whole number of reasons: lack of motivation; boredom; getting started; thinking things are too hard- the list goes on.

Home Alone!

When your child is revising independently at home, it’s wise to offer them a calm and ‘clear’ space. Your teen is likely to need space to spread out paper and workbooks. Even somewhere like the kitchen table can be a helpful space to revise a few hours per day (yes, you might have to keep nagging your teenager to move their stuff off before dinner!)

Storage space is the key! Finding your child a cupboard or place where they can stowaway all their books and paper is sensible.
Ultimately, the answer to all of this seems to be finding spaces that are calm and as distraction-free as possible. By doing that, you will be giving your child the best chances of revision success!

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