Santa, Socials and Studying

Santa, Socials and Studying

The festive season presents your child with the perfect concoction of wanting to join in with all the fun; at the same time as studying for prelims and beyond! More than any other time, your teen needs to juggle the Christmas holidays, finding the perfect balance between festivities and hours to revise.

Joining our revision classes is the ideal remedy to strike a balance over the Christmas holidays.
There will be an expectation for your child (taking National 5s, Highers or Advanced Highers,) to revise over the break, but what better way to do this than in a motivated environment of like-minded peers? Christmas is a time where many of us feel social: it’s a lovely time to see family and friends. It’s healthy for your child to feel included and not ‘out on a limb,’ just because they need to study for exams.

Also, our courses span a 3-day period, so they don’t have to miss out on festivities the rest of the time. Balance is best.

Our courses are led by SQA teaching specialists, so the expertise and input we offer will be impactful towards your child’s success. The school holidays are an excellent time for securing knowledge, as well as taking a ‘breather.’

For many Scottish students, preliminary exams will be the first hurdle to face when they return back to school in January. Prelims are a vital part of the exam process. Not only are they there to ‘practise’ taking tests, but prelims give your child a great insight into where they’re working at, and what sort of grades they are to expect.

The results of prelims may also give your child guidance: which areas do they need to devote more study to next? Which subjects do they feel most confident in?
In terms of the academic year, Christmas is usually the ‘midway’ point. Remembering this is helpful. Not only can it be encouraging to think that half the hard work is already done, but it may be the ‘push’ that your child needs to re-focus and work hard after Christmas (knowing that there’s not much to go until the final exams!)

After Christmas, the next big ‘break’ your child will have is likely to be Easter. This is the next time when Scottish teenagers have a two-week window to really get on top of their organisation and revision at home. Easter is the next period that we offer our highly-recommended revision courses, too. It’s advised to book these in advance and secure your child’s place as soon as possible.

Lastly, being prepared and planning for the year ahead will help your child in the months ahead. Knowing timescales, and breaking revision down into clear chunks, will certainly make the process of ‘studying’ much more manageable!

Revision courses are ideal because, not only are they led by subject specialists, but all material covered is relevant and directly delivered to the SQA exams your teen will be taking. In addition to this, we find that students really excel at a revision when they do this in a purposeful, guided atmosphere.

In the mean-time, allow your teen to enjoy the festive season, but do set aside time for studying- and prepare for what’s ahead!

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