Plan to Pass SQA Exams the First Time

Plan to Pass SQA Exams the First Time

Ideally, your child sits exams just once and passes with the grade they ‘should have.’
But… ‘re-take’ exams do exist: sometimes things just don’t go to plan!
There are various reasons for this. It could be because of unexpected illness or situation; it might be that a teen was thrown by an exam paper or context. For some teens who re-take, it was simply a question they weren’t confident on or a paper where they missed a mere few marks!

Teenage Girls Celebrating Exam Results

Tackle the Tough Stuff First

A great bit of advice is to tackle the tricky stuff first. When your child sits down to learn or revise, they should start with the most difficult part. Whilst this often seems like a slog, it actually gives your child a better chance of working when their mind is most ‘fresh’ and energised.

When your child is struggling, seek support! Come along to one of our revision courses- seek expert guidance in a small, welcoming environment. The sooner your child deals with the difficult bits, the more time they have to master them! Therefore, they stand a better chance of passing an exam the first time.

Attend Revision Classes

Also, plan that the year will be largely devoted to study and hard work. Plan to attend as many revision sessions as is realistic, and sign up to courses- such as ours.

Utilising an external revision provider is a super way of maximising on marks- and when it comes to passing an exam the first time- every single mark will count!

Find What Fits

To pass, your teenager needs to find what works for them- early on. Whether it’s different ways to revise or strategies for tackling a particular exam question, your teen needs to establish good habits quickly. The sooner they can get to grips with revising, the better!

Work with methods that work to your child’s learning style.

We all have different styles for learning. Some of us absorb information better when we read it, whereas someone else might need to learn kinaesthetically or do something practical. Some people learn through creation, whilst others learn better through discussion. And it’s certainly not to say that people only have ‘one way’ of learning- because of course, that’s not true!

However, it is definitely worth experimenting with different methods- and seeing what works best for your child.

Don’t Leave It Late

Do all of the above as soon as possible. In order to pass exams the first time, students really need to take their tests seriously from the ‘get-go.’ This means that they should start some gentle revision as soon as possible. It’s important not to leave things to the last minute in an exam year: there’s simply too much content to cover! And, in addition to this, our popular SQA revision courses are booked up quickly- so it’s a wise idea to secure your child’s place with us as soon as possible.

Reaping the benefits of all the resources available during this year will certainly give your child a head start in passing exams the first time!

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