Crack Open the Christmas… Revision Cards

Crack Open the Christmas… Revision Cards

With the festive season upon us, your child is likely to be in the midst of academic throws: there are exams to revise for; prelims to prepare, and homework galore!
Whilst your teenager may not feel fully in the festive spirit, you can be sure that the Christmas holidays are a good time for a bit of balance. As a revision provider ourselves, our intensive courses are fast—approaching! We offer the perfect opportunity for your child to secure 3 days of the holidays to devote to our revision classes (giving them a bit more freedom for festivities during the rest of the holidays.)

Prelims are ahead!

When your teenager turns back to school in January, many Scottish educators will be putting your child into prelim exams. These mock papers are really important- they can’t be underestimated for how well they help your child grow in confidence, knowledge and revision skill. Once completed, prelims are also a good indicator of predicted grades, and how your teenager may fair come the final exams in the summer. For those applying to university, predicted grades may secure an early offer, so preliminary tests are a priority!

Revision Cards

Therefore, it’s imperative your teen does some revision over the Christmas holidays to stay on track. Flashcards, mind maps and quizzes are great for revision in general, but particularly for this time of year, they’re excellent for knowledge recall (and getting family members involved, too!) As a parent or guardian, offering to run through revision flashcards or suggesting you quiz them on topics can be a great way of supporting your teenager at this time. Whether it’s National 5s, Higher or Advanced Higher that your child is working towards, we provide a range of core subjects to fuel and feed your child’s revision process.

Over the holidays, your child is likely to want encouragement, motivation (and probably ‘a prod!’) to crack open their revision cards. Our courses are the ideal solution. Working with peers can sometimes be more effective than working alone, and our environment gives a highly-focused working environment.

All of our teachers are experienced school teachers many are also markers for the SQA, so offer a wealth of experience and knowledge of exam technique to our students.

Test a Peer

Also, there’s no reason why your teenager can’t use the holidays to study with a friend and test each other! Putting in the hard work- whilst they’ve got some time away from school- is what makes the difference in grades. Students who are willing to go that extra mile typically find themselves more confident in their road to success. Revision Cards Boost Confidence

Confidence is so important in tackling exams. As adults, we can empathise. We know that going into something you feel good about, makes for better outcomes. So why not sign your child up to our courses today; plan ahead, and make sure they have revision resources to hand over the two-week break? Getting effectively equipped and creating those revision cards over the Christmas break is an excellent use of study time. To achieve top grades, your child needs to act on some revision during the Christmas break. January will be a rough ride without it!

Find out more about our Prelim course here.

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