A Juggling Act: Exams with Revision

A Juggling Act: Exams with Revision

Juggling revision amongst examinations is tough. Once home, your teen may feel a mixture of tiredness, stress and relief. Therefore, once the exams start- and your youngster still needs to revise- a realistic level of planning and prioritisation is required. It’s also wise to consider what’s best for your teen as an individual. Some students like to leaf through notes the night before an exam, but for others, this might conjure up feelings of stress that could lead to lack of sleep…no good!

It’s likely that your teen will start to figure out- pretty soon- what works best for them.

A juggling act exams with revision

How Grade Booster Classes Help

In the mean-time, a perfect solution is to sign your teen up to one of our Grade Booster Classes. These unique sessions offer your child the opportunity to receive intensive input (guided by an experienced school teacher) the weekend PRIOR to the exam. This is wonderfully effective in reinforcing confidence and alleviating pressure in the days before the exam: we cover all the key material, with exam-boosting tips! This gives your child a great chance to freshen up on everything they need to know right before the exam.

Make Lists

In addition to a Revision Classes, your teen may also want to consider creating lists- to help them stay on track at this time. Making a list of what needs to be done- and by when- might seem an overwhelming activity for your teenager initially. However, by inputting tasks into a timetable (right up until that very last exam!) will be of benefit to your youngster. Include activities- such as our Grade Booster Class- into their calendar. As the exams ‘close in,’ prepare your teen that they may need to adapt their planning and tweak things on a week-by-week basis, for example- to ensure that they continually prioritise what needs to be done.

When it comes to revising, working in an environment conducive to study and focus is crucial. That’s another reason why our revision courses work so well (especially when it’s so easy to get distracted at home!)

Don’t Fear Flexibility

Finally, there’s no use your child sweating over the fact that they didn’t stick precisely to schedule. Sometimes, things will need to change: your teen might catch a bug; Grandma’s 90th birthday is at the weekend; your teen fall’s out with a best friend. There may be times when your teen can’t do the revision that they expected or hoped to do. When it comes to being flexible, it might even be that your teen just got stuck on a particular topic and spent more time than they imagined trying to cover it!

Whatever the context, prepare your teen that they will need some flexibility. As an adult, you’ll already know that ‘juggling’ is just one of those life lessons! Perhaps one of the best ways to empathise with your teen is to informally chat about the way that you- yourself- manage juggling several things at once. Let them try and imitate some of the strategies you employ to ‘keep all of the plates spinning.’

There’s really not long left now: your teen must start their juggling act!

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