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In 2014, the new National 5 exams were rolled out followed by the new Higher courses and then Advanced Higher course in 2015. This means that teachers already under pressure had to adapt to the new curricula putting pressure on an already stressed classroom. With exams becoming tougher, it’s no wonder that students are feeling stressed but they don’t have to face this alone.

Get in touch today to start getting your child’s learning or your learning back on the track to success. We offer one-2-one tutoring for Primary Maths and English, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies as well as the main foreign languages Spanish and French. We only recommend General Teaching Council registered teachers who are actively working in the classroom. This means that you know they are experienced and qualified as well as being up to date with their safety requirements such as CRB or DBS checks. 

Level Subject
Primary MathsEnglish
National 5Maths EnglishChemistry Biology Physics
HigherMathsEnglishChemistryBiologyHuman BiologyPhysicsBusiness StudiesGeographyModern Studies
Advanced HigherMathsChemistryBiology

Why Do I Need an English Tutor?

The written word is becoming ever more important, and the world shifts ever further into a digital life. English is far more than just a core subject. It is the way to express abilities, to convey knowledge and to demonstrate who the right candidate is. From getting a job through to attending a prestigious university, English is the subject that employers and admissions tutors demand. No job doesn’t require the spoken and written word, but real mastery of the subject opens up the doors to working in website design, media, writing, teaching and so much more.

English Tutor Glasgow

An English tutor can help a weak student become a strong one, or contribute to developing a strong pupil who’s maybe board in class, by giving students the extra support when they need it most. It’s all too easy for a student to fall behind but without assistance all too difficult for them to catch up. At Grade Booster Tutoring, we know that pupils need excellent tutors. For that reason, we only recommend General Teaching Council registered teachers that are teaching the subject on a day to day basis. All tutors must hold a current CRB/DBS check, giving you that extra piece of mind when you need it.

Why Do I Need a Maths Tutor?

The world around us is increasingly made up of numbers; no longer is needing a good head for numbers limited to accountants and bankers. Thousands of careers require you to demonstrate an excellent grasp of numbers. Electricians, safety inspectors, engineers, just about any scientist, researchers and even diving instructors rely on maths. In fact, for the last one, they have to trust their maths or risk death. Beyond that, every job and subject requires a minimum grade in mathematics before an application will be entertained.

With Maths such a key and core subject it’s even more important that any missing gaps in the students’ knowledge are filled getting a one on one Maths tutor can help to address any issues .

Here at Grade Booster Tutoring we know it’s key to have fully qualified and experienced teachers leading our sessions, and undertaking one to one revision sessions. We also only work with teachers who are registered with the General Teaching Council and working in a class room environment delivering the subject. To give you extra peace of mind we also ensure all our tutors are up to date with their CRB/DBS checks.

Maths Tutor Glasgow

Why Do I Need a Physics Tutor?

Some subjects demonstrate more than your ability to take an exam and physics is one of them. A combination of academic prowess, problem-solving skills and the ability to measure and determine mean that colleges, universities and employers are looking for the skills that a good grade in physics shows that you have. Designing electrical systems, designing cars, designing yachts, working out bullet trajectories, building power stations, firing subatomic particles at each other and exploring space are all career branches that have physics at their root. Just as importantly many of the university courses that demand excellence and higher grades to get into, along with the universities that only select the best students, list physics as one of their preferred subjects. It’s a vast subject area, covering everything from how to change the fuse in a plug, through to MRI machines saving lives in hospitals, and the science of explosions. Oh, and how a loop the loop works, even with a full-sized car.

As with most science subjects, especially the three core subjects, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, physics is seen as one of the real measurements of academic ability.

Sharing a large amount of subject matter with mathematics many colleges will only allow the two subjects to be studied in tandem. Physics can be difficult to master, along with learning formulas and mathematical rules it is also a requirement to start to grasp the uses, Physics Tuition can allow students to progress further and faster towards their goals and dreams.

physics tutor Glasgow

Why Do I Need a Chemistry Tutor?

Every time you put soap in your washing machine, bleach in the toilet, do a water change in your fish tank, or just turn on the tap and drink clean, safe water you have chemists to thank. Even in death chemistry is analysing us. Ever seen an episode of CSI? That’s mostly chemistry. As well as being the portal to numerous dynamic and thought-provoking jobs chemistry is considered one of the better subjects when applying to colleges and universities.

As a subject chemistry is rigorous and technical, even if a student has no desire to continue down a chemical career pathway it shows assessors and examiners that they have the ability to cope with academic demands. But make no mistake, students earn this distinction the hard way. It may be your child is only taking chemistry or it may be that is it a part of all three sciences. Either way, they will often need a helping hand to cope with this difficult subject.  Contact us today to discuss your exact requirements and your child’s needs.

Chemistry Tutor Glasgow

Why Do I Need a Biology Tutor?

Biology is the study of life, from how your garden grows to genetically engineered crops, saving endangered species and breeding animals that are extinct in the wild. Zookeepers, Vets, Doctors, Botanists, Zoo archaeologists, and people working to save the environment all use biology in their everyday job. Even more, a grounding in biology helps you understand how to stay healthy, why you should vaccinate your children, what a healthy diet really means, how to practise good hygiene, maybe even keep your plants alive on the windowsill.

biology tutor Glasgow

With so many strands being brought together under the banner of a single subject biology can seem over whelming and frustrating. One to one tuition, extra sessions in intensive pre exam study sessions and our weekly classes can rescue a student from bad grades and breathe life into their studies and revision. Contact us now for a Glasgow Biology tutor get arrange the support your child needs.

Why Grade Booster Tutoring?

We know that there are numerous options for tutoring your child nowadays, from watching videos online, through to face to face over the internet tuition with tutors that may have little or no idea of the Scottish education system. We strongly believe that time spend one to one with a local school teacher who teaches the course every day and is aware of the exam criteria is critical for your child success in fact a lot of our tutor are SQA exam markers as well. Grade Booster Tutoring feels this is the only way to go when arranging tuition for your child at this critical point in there life.

We offer a wide range of tutoring options within Glasgow from weekly tutoring, revision holiday courses, and weekly study groups. Contact us now to secure your place with one of our tutors.

Grade Booster Tutoring is based in Glasgow, we have local tutors located in Whitecraigs, Giffnock, Newton Mearns, East Kilbride, Kelvinside, Bearsden,

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