Should Apps be used for Revision?

Should Apps be used for Revision?

Screen time is so different for each family. Often, you’ll want to encourage your teen away from their screens as much as you can catch the chance, but sometimes you can use their devices to your advantage!

When Apps Work

There’s a wealth of excellent apps out there (do your research first, though) that are designed with teenagers in mind. Whatever the subject, there’s no doubt there’ll be apps your child can utilise to do some revision with. The main thing that apps can be helpful for is for boosting knowledge and revising factual information. Many apps work through online quizzing or ‘flashcards.’ Also, there are often lots of helpful videos and tutorials to be discovered, too.

When Apps Can’t Compete

However, it’s imperative that your child doesn’t rely on apps alone to revise. One of the most powerful, proven techniques for revision is to work on practice papers- and this type of activity can’t be competed against! As a revision provider ourselves, we know how important it is for your child to have opportunities to practise exam questions and techniques. By doing this, your child gets the incomparable experience of not only putting their knowledge to the test but honing their timing, skill and ability to work under pressure!

Also, our revision classes guarantee your child will be guided by a subject specialist for their SQA exams. Having access to an expert, and attending our specialised revision courses, is the best way to cater to for child’s revision needs. No app or online activity is likely to compare to real-life opportunities to talk through questions and absorb an expert’s knowledge!

App Aspects to Avoid

It is wise for your child to avoid apps that offer ‘chatroom’ style elements- even if they are linked to studying and revision! You never really know who your child might end up talking to, which can leave them vulnerable and exposed.
Instead, if your child wants to revise with others, it’s best this is done in the flesh! One of the best ways to work with like-minded peers is to join one of our excellent revision courses: we provide a focussed environment where our small groups allow your child to flourish! Our 3-day Christmas holiday courses are almost fully booked, so we advise you secure your child’s place as soon as possible.

Independently, students can quiz themselves by creating flashcards or utilising online tools or apps.

Apps Aren’t for the Future… Yet

As a final thought, there’s pros and cons to using apps for revision, but a big factor to consider is what is useful for your teen’s future. Whilst at National 5s Level, you’ll likely find an abundance of apps geared towards this age range, but apps just won’t cut it into Highers, Advanced Highers, and on to university (yet!)

The level at which your teenager needs to work at will be deep and detailed. Your child must be able to adapt later on and step up to advanced academics- which only reading, writing and research skills can effectively prepare them for.
Therefore, when it comes to apps verses conventional forms of revision, the majority of revision still needs to be traditional!

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