Preparing for Prelims Revision : Supporting your Child this Christmas Holiday

Preparing for Prelims Revision:
Supporting your Child this Christmas Holiday

The Christmas break always seems a quick one, for many families, that’s because it’s a busy one, too! For lots of teenagers, it’s also a stressful time whilst they prepare for prelim January exams. Many teens have been sent on their way from schools to use their time wisely and revise over the Christmas holidays. However, amongst presents, puddings and minced pies, many parents are unsure how best to help their child during this time.

So, what can you do to support a stressed out teen before their prelims?
How can your teen make the most of revision during this hectic couple of weeks?

Here are 5 quick tips before we get started. 

1. Stay organised
Avoid stress and get yourself organised, make a revision timetable.

2. Start now, not tomorrow
You have to start somewhere, so start today.

3. Have a digital detox
We all love social media. However, it can be a massive drain on your time turning off notifications or even better log out of all the app.

4. Plan your Christmas activities.
Once scheduled friend meet-ups and family dinners write on calendar so you can see what blocks of time you have available for revision

5. A couple of days’ rest to recover
Eat and sleep well, take breaks, see friends, and continue taking part in the activities that make you feel good.

Firstly, it might be helpful to offer a bit of perspective. Revising over Christmas really need not be as ‘Baa-Humbug’ as it might sound. This is a relatively short space of time in your teen’s life: they’re not signing themselves up to spending every Christmas from here on in having to revise. This pocket of time is valuable, short, and doesn’t have to be dull! Our revision courses are very effective at offering the bursts of revision your child may need at this time, in a friendly atmosphere with specialised tutors. Our classes at this time run between Christmas and New Year.

Because Christmas-time does require your teen to balance family time and enjoyment, alongside their revision, preparation for these prelim exams needs to be intensive. During the break, there is simply not time for students to spend days upon days poring over books and notes. Instead, they need solutions which can be in clear bursts of ‘blocked time’ over a few of the days available to them.

Our prelim Christmas courses can be a solution: we offer a three day courses at this time. This is ideal to ensure your child has devoted time to revisit vital learning and knowledge and, of course, still allows a balance in embracing the festivities that this time of year brings!

Finally, prelims can be an important factor towards a student’s preparation for their final exams. Sitting these preliminary exams in January and early February gives teens the chance to practise their technique; apply what they’ve learnt; and ‘test run’ how well they might do. Of course, things can change between January and the actual May exams- but, for a large majority of students, giving the prelim exams their best shot can offer a good evaluation of how they are getting on across their studies.


Revising for the prelims can be a prime opportunity to boost your teen’s confidence as they enter into a pretty serious mock-up of what they will experience in the May. By turning to a revision provider, your teen can sit down amongst peers and be guided by subject specialists. With our courses, students will be provided with resources, structure and support- all within a small group setting. We offer support for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher subjects: our courses cover all core subjects.

A burst of engaged revision, during the Christmas holiday, can certainly offer the comfort and confidence that your teen may need as they enter into the prelim month.
Hopefully, the whole family can then enjoy a more stress-free Christmas season, too!

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