5 Tips on How to Support Your Child through Exams

What to Expect from an Exam Year

Everybody learns in different ways. Some of us learn through reading, through touching or acting out an experience, some prefer discussion based activities, and others enjoy the visual aspects of a subject; watching videos or looking at images is a way to jog our memory.

Whatever way your child learns, it is important that you feel prepared and fully able to support them through this demanding, sometimes stressful but purposeful time in their lives. Here are some helpful ideas for parents:

1. Make time to regularly talk with your child

This might sound obvious, and you may already think you’re doing it already, but if you take a structured, emphasised approach to this, you will be able to offer them proper opportunities to talk to you about what is worrying or stressing them. So, if you can, make a point of going for a walk every Friday afternoon, or taking them for a quiet slice of cake and a cuppa on a Saturday morning. It will be invaluable for you both.

2. Help them become familiar with daunting subjects/topics

If a parent is well versed in exam past papers, and is able to support the child to approach them, dissect them and practice them, then the child will gradually become more confident with them. If they are left alone with studying subject they find hard, they are more likely to avoid it entirely.

3. Encourage mindfulness/meditation and relaxation

The brain sometimes needs a break. And it is a well rested, nourished brain that is more prepared to learn. If you can ensure your child continues to get fresh air, play sports or engage in a hobby they love, they are less likely to be stressed or anxious – especially if you encourage their enjoyment, rather than telling them to scrap the fun and go study!

4. Don’t get them to dissect

After an exam is over, it can be tempting to ask them what they wrote, to ask them how they feel they did overall, etc. Of course, it’s important to have a quick conversation about the exam, but asking them to dwell on something that might have gone less well than expected can only cause negative feelings and can have a knock on effect on subsequent exams and overall confidence.

5. Structured Revision

Revision is a highly personal process and the time management and self-discipline that it requires will benefit your child beyond their exams. By booking a place on revision courses, you are ensuring that your child will receive well structured, expertly delivered teaching that will cater to your child’s revision needs. Our revision courses offer an in-depth look at exam knowledge and techniques.

“Graeme of Grade Booster Tutoring, said ‘As a parent, it can be difficult to help your children when they come up against some of the more academic challenges. Subjects are often taught differently from when you were at school, so it can be hard to help in the way that you want to.”

“Grade Booster Tutoring runs Revision Course at key points in the academic year,  we are always on hand to help with their revision keeping it on the right track, iron out any little difficulties and build their confidence in the run-up to their exams.”

As specialists in providing revision courses, we understand the importance of ensuring your child is as prepared and as confident as possible prior to sitting their exams. By attending high-quality revision courses throughout the academic year, our students improve their chances of attaining their target grades.

Our Glasgow Revision course offers structured revision, led by a qualified and experienced school teachers. Many of the teachers on our staff are also SQA markers, and offer a wealth of experience and knowledge of exam technique to our students.

For each subject, the teachers have put together a course which covers all the main key topics that they feel the students need to concentrate on in preparation for their exams.

Revision Over School Holidays.

Grade Booster Tutoring has been providing revision course over the last seven year and one 2 one tutoring for fourteen years. Over this time revision, courses have certainly grown in popularity, and they can be a really effective way for students to initiate their revision. In the same token, these courses offer content, structure and exam practice all in one go!

Many students who take these courses might already be set to pass, but might also be hoping to use their revision course to boost them into the top grades, rather than just coasting through.

A Revision course cannot suddenly convert school terms of neglect into top grades, but- of course- these revision sessions can be of huge benefit in boosting marks and potential grades.

Teachers of our courses are enthusiastic and experienced: they can fill in any gaps that students may have, as well as reiterate the learning students will previously have covered. These teachers can inform students of what examiners want, and will help to develop exam skill- with plenty of past-paper practice.

Easter Revision

Our 8 Hour Easter Revision Classes run over the Two weeks of the Easter break you have the option which week suits you best

Week One – Monday 6th April – Thursday 9th April 2020
Week Two – Tuesday 14th April – Friday 17th April 2020

All Class run from Strathclyde University located in Glasgow City Centre a short walk from George Square.

Grade Booster Revision Course

Our Grade Booster Intensive Revision Course taking place the weekend before the following key National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams.

Grade Booster Tutoring has been working to deliver better exam results through home tuition since 2003 operating revision classes since 2012. All our tutors are qualified teachers, who are (GTC) General Teaching Council registered. Our revision course are designed to provide support for candidates undertaking the National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exam in May 2020.

Many of the teachers on our staff are also SQA markers, and so offer a wealth of experience and knowledge of exam technique to our students

To discover more about Scholar Tutor’s Revision Schools, please contact Graeme, on 0141 280 2521 or email

Words from Past Students...

  • The way we covered the whole course in a few days was helpful with the assistance of tutors / teachers.

    Logan Easter School 2015
  • I liked how the course was handled - we covered everything in-depth, but still at a quick pace.

    Lucy Easter School 2017
  • The approach used to tutor us with the use of PowerPoints was very useful. The questions and answers books are also good for revision

    Emilie Easter School 2017
  • I enjoyed the in-depth explanations of certain aspects of the course.

    Anjali Easter School
  • Very helpful, went over a lot of the course and quickly covered everything I was worried about, was asked what we wanted to go over and got to take home PowerPoint on USB.

    Zoe Easter School 2017
  • Very concise and concentrated learning. A good revision of everything. Also, small classes felt like there was more attention from the teacher.

    Isabella Easter School 2017
  • I love the way things were described (especially in Chemistry). The teachers were all enthusiastic about teaching their subject which helped a lot because my teachers at school aren't like that.

    Eilidh Easter School 2017
  • Good teachers, learnt a lot, nice class.

  • Very helpful teachers, willing to answer any questions, concise and informative teaching.

  • The material handed out are excellent and not too simplistic which is great. The key areas covered really hit the nail on head with regards to where students struggle most. I left feeling I could achieve a much higher RUAE.

    Nikki Easter School
  • The teachers enhanced my understanding of how to answer questions better.

  • It helped me to understand the questions better and feel more confident.

    Janice Easter School 2017
  • We went over every aspect of the RUAE paper in-depth

    Niamh Easter School 2017
  • The location was easy to access from the train station. I obtained assistance with work and explanations.

    Alexander Easter School 2017
  • Helped improve understanding and how to tackle exam style questions.

    Emily Easter School 2017